Sunday, 4 September 2011

The fourth

I can finally hear myself think. Or rather, not think haha. It's actually kind of amazing! I've spent the last hour listening to Hilary Duff and all the people from when I was a kid. I am pretty sure I was a kid at the perfect time. There was definitely the best stuff coming out of Disney back then. :)

I realised this afternoon that I haven't really been filling out my food/exercise diary lately. I probably should, and I do it on Loseit!... I just don't like writing it down for others to see. That's why I sort of avoid the 'what have you eaten?' threads on PT. I get that "too much or too little" feeling. I should make an effort to catch up on it and fill it in I guess.

I don't think I can get out of lunch on Tuesday. Thankfully, it is at a place where another friend of mine hates the food too since they changed management. It used to be a lovely place, but not so much these days.
So whilst I am glad I won't be eating anything from there (I'll make something at home or pick up a salad from somewhere), sitting around doing nothing whilst people are eating and enjoying themselves isn't fun. At least I am going shoe shopping and dying my hair that day. :)

I had a wtf sort of moment this morning. Don't you just hate it when they creep along? I was there, exercising, minding my own business, when all I could think was "What on earth am I doing?" Not regarding the exercise, just a "What the heck am I doing in general?" kinda thing. I hate it when they pop up from time to time. They make me question everything and ask myself why am I still like this and why am I doing this to myself and all that annoying stuff.

So I guess I have a busy week ahead.

  • Going to Nottingham with a few friends for a couple of hours
  • Lunch/shopping Tuesday 
  • College on Wednesday 
  • Doctors on Thursday
  • More shopping and broadband on Friday
  • Cinema and general day out on Saturday
  • I have to bake my cousins birthday cake and get stuff ready for college on Sunday
Sad thing is, I think I prefer Thursday and Sunday. Yes, I know I probably sound strange to prefer the doctors to spending time with my friends, but maybe it's once it is over, it's over for a little while? I don't know. My mindset isn't exactly fabulous is it? 

Take care


  1. 90's programmes in general were just the best ;) awww i hate those "what am i doing with my life" moments - i hope it didn't get to you :/

    how come you prefer Thursday and Sunday to the other days, out of interest? and how often will yuo have college? it sounds like a nice busy week ahead! (: have a good week, take care (: xxxxxxx

  2. Just came across your blog through a friend and I look forward to reading more of your posts (I would read back posts just now, but I'm shattered). I also feel that 90's programming was so much better! I would take the programs I watched a kid over any of them today!

  3. Why would you come to nottingham? It's not very nice here.
    Freaking loved disney in the 90's- tailspin, gummy bears, chip and dale rescue rangers and ducktales where a few of my favs.


  5. 90's years of T.V. Nt these..m glad Spongebob is still around..although its a Nick thing..n nt exactly a 90's thng
    ..goodluck with the lunch date with friends!90's years of T.V. Nt these..m glad Spongebob is still around..although its a Nick thing..n nt exactly a 90's thng
    ..goodluck with the lunch date with friends!

  6. Yeah I honestly feel bad for the people that are kids now because there is nothing that good. In my days, being a disney star did not mean you were doomed to land up in rehab or have an eating disorder. Plus the shows were so much better :) timeless classics I could watch now and enjoy.

    I hate those wtf moments that hit you out of nowhere.

  7. hope you feel better! i hate those moments too... good luck with your busy week! i find it easier to not eat when you are super busy :-)
    Stay strong <3

  8. I hate those moments where I wonder why I am doing what I am doing. It sounds like a busy week. But busy can be good. I love baking so I can totally understand preferring Sunday. As for doctors, it depends on why I am going I guess... But Disney did have some good shows and music in the 90s.

  9. oh I use "loseit!" too! it's the best way I've found to keep my calories counted. hope you have a good week! (on both the days when you're with people and doing your own thing)

  10. You know, I love to travel, I love to spend weekends with my friends, I love to spend day out with my friends - I like all of that normally... But even if I'm looking forward to it, I'm getting annoyed about it at the same time when I want to restrict food - because it's just making it much harder. People are eating all the time and offering you something all the time, wondering why you don't eat this and that - I hate it! Really, it's none of their business...

  11. I'd be the same exact way about the doctor :/ And I hate those WTF moments. Get them them all the time, unfortunately.

    I hope your busy week turns out as awesome as it sounds :) Or at least quiet and peaceful.