Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The fourteenth

Super short post because it's really late and I am really tired lol.

College went okay. My tutors are being a little too nice but it wasn't a bad day at all. I actually really enjoyed English which has got to be a first! Emma made it interesting though and we found out we'll be doing Romeo and Juliet this year. I never did it in high school like everyone else (All girls school. Just a wee bit weird.) and I love Shakespeare so I didn't mind. :)

My maths teacher is kind of good looking lol. Ever since high school started, I've always had a good looking male tutor which I don't mind in the slightest. Depending on what/who the science tutor turns out to be, Maths could be my new favourite lesson. ;)

Me and another girl in my class (I actually get along with all the girls! It's never happened before. I normally get along with the guys but they are a wee bit... Eejit like.) are going to ask about adding extra classes to our timetable tomorrow. We want to do the same A levels you see (she's wanting to do veterinary medicine at uni and I want to do regular medicine) but need to do extra classes if possible just so we don't end up doing gcses for 2 whole years before another 2 years of a levels. If not, I don't mind an extra year with these tutors. I'd have them all the way through college if I could. :P

Right. Off the topic of college because it is reminding me that I should go to bed because of the 5am wake up.

Nasimiyu  posting her measurements on her blog completely reminded me I haven't done mine since I was 27lbs heavier. I tracked down my tape measure and am finally going to do them in the morning when I am getting ready and have weighed myself. The scale numbers need to move because they want to, they just... Can't.

This was meant to be short. :P I have double Maths and double English again tomorrow. I'm strange enough to actually be happy about that. Happy about college, the tutors and the people I like... It's actually pretty nice to have a few things going right when all the ED/SI things are going wrong. :)

PS - Reading Lissy's blog and the "Imagine your doctor naked with nipple tassels on" as made me think of my doctor... :| That is even worse than when Scottie was mentioning sleeping/dating him (me and her seem to have very random conversations). Lissy, you need to thank your friend for helping me think of my doctor, naked and in nipple tassels before going to bed. Nice.

Take care


  1. It's great that college is going so well, I hope the ED and SI stuff gets better soon, too; it's scary when it isn't going well.

  2. Im glad you get on with people in your class, that always helps,

    Hope your lectures tomo go well,
    I really hope u get to do medicine at uni like u want to,

  3. I bet 27 lbs will produce a definite change inchwise! I'm glad college was alright! Hope it works out with your timetable..
    imagine your doctor naked with nipple tassels on... i CANNOT stop laughing! hahaha

  4. I'm so happy to hear your liking college :)
    I love Shakespeare to!

  5. Hey (: sorry I havent commented in a while, I've mainly been commenting at school lol. I'm glad you didn't have a bad day (: you do English?! Ahh I hate English - what else do you do? (I go to an all girls school and we did Romeo + Juliet)
    Ahhaha come to the dark side ;) even if it's the hot teacher which makes you love it, maths is the best :D
    Ooh that sounds good about you and that girl (: good luck with it.
    I'm so glad you're settling in well and that College is going so well :D hope today's good, xxxxxxxx

  6. That sounds fantastic that you're enjoying college so much, almost makes me want to go and start it!

  7. Hot tutor sounds awesome -damn you ;)

    And I have properly never taken my measurements but i'm too nervous to even attempt it for now. But hey maybe I will give it a try tomorrow just cause it might be good to monitor my loss.

    Naked and in nipple tassels - haha next time I'm feeling nervous I'll keep that in mind!

  8. I just pictured your roads full of people driving as badly as they do through Queens' Gardens here :x Not pretty! Lol, stay off the roads!

    Yay for things going right! :D Yippee!!!

    I finally explained to Miles tonight that the depression had killed my libido (But didn't mention the ED-related 'omg my body is so fat and foul' shit) and that I was trying to get it back *facepalm* Sometimes I wish I believed the Christain stuff so I could become a nun!

    Have a good day at class tomorrow <3

  9. Good looking math teacher eh? Man, if that happened to me while I was in school I highly doubt I would have been able to pay attention to anything math related. :oP