Monday, 5 September 2011

The fifth

Nottingham wasn't too bad. We didn't really eat because we couldn't find anywhere... Tempting enough to eat at. I was trying to find a polite way of wording that then. I am sure there is some lovely places to eat at, but we wasn't bothered enough to look.

We got back here around 4-5pm and I decided against going to Yates with them because I was so tired. I ended up just going home and falling asleep actually. Then I got woken up by sky because they wanted to fix the issue I was having with my router. Well, I have never been so frustrated and grumpy the phone in my life. :P I was much worse than the grumpy dwarf for a little while haha.

Every time I dream, my doctor or an old teacher or someone seems to be in it. Or someone with an ED from online, which is sort of strange. I can't say I am actively thinking about any of the people I dream about, so God knows how they get in there.

If I see the same number on my scales tomorrow (I could finally stand on them this morning!! :D), I might just scream. I hate, hate, HATE plateaus with a burning passion.

Take care


  1. Aww, i'm glad Nottingham wasn't tooo bad (: i always find days out like that makes me tired, and that's good you managed to sleep - hopefully you'll sleep well tonight. i literally thought you meant the sky woke you up at first then :P
    maybe just as your ED is on your mind a lot you think about it a lot in your sleep i guess? :/

    for your comment on my wall last night - I used to talk to people in real life about my problems but most of them found it hard to see me like this, and it's easier to dislike someone than worry about them, so they chose the disliking path. I don't talk to others in real life in case they do that too.
    Oh okay, so you just wanna get the anticipation of Thursday out the way and get it over and done with sort of? and, heh it could help to ask college how often they want you there... :P

    and never EVER take economics :| i just needed a 4th AS lol, so did that.


  2. plateaus suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    its so frustrating but still ok at the same time like UGH WHY CAN I NOT LOSE WEIGHT and then also YAY I DIDNT GAIN EVEN THOUGH I BINGED YESTERDAY!!!
    ...................very bittersweet.

  3. dreams are so mysterious! i love them though as long as they aren't scary... thats cool you got to skip out on food while being out :-)

  4. You are lovely. When I read your posts that's the word that comes to mind: lovely. I hate going out to eat... but I love it at the same time. I'm full of walking contradictions. I don't eat, then I do. I hate ice cream, but I fucking love it. What desire is stronger? Food or thin?

    Funny how I actually watched the original Snow White today! Hahah. <3

  5. hate plateaus as well, I've been stuck at one for a while, although I think I might be getting over it finally, hard to know without a scale...
    anyway, i hope the scale is good to you tomorrow! xx

  6. I know what you mean about weird dreams when you've not even been thinking about the people- its odd, the subconscious is cccrrraazy!

    I'm glad Nottingham was good :D and the grumpy dwarf is defo the best!xxxxxxxxx

  7. Fucking plateaus. *Growl* Hope yours is over soon!

    Sometimes I wish I could let myself start purging, but my teeth aren't the strongest so its not a risk I can take. Stupid weak enamel :(

    Good luck fro the weigh in <3