Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Wake me up when September ends

Original title right there!

My friend I haven't spoken to in quite some time (the one who is pregnant to my ex ex boyfriend of sorts) invited me to her birthday party next month on the 30th. Unfortunately there will be no alcohol. For her at least. I am going to be stuck with her entire family and others for a meal, non alcoholic drinks, bowling and movie if I go. I really don't want to spend the entire day/night with Ashley (her boyfriend). At least little T-R will be there... But the food. I feel really bad for only thinking about what I'll have to eat/purge. I hate purging when out. I don't want them to notice my weight or eating habits either. Oh bleh! I'm majorly looking forward to getting all the details from her at some point...

This eating disorder makes me feel like a terrible friend at times.

We are starting college together actually although she is at the Technology campus instead of the main one I will be at. At least it isn't the same course. We did the same course about a year ago and it sucked. Maybe it was just the course (childcare really isn't my thing), but I actually ended up leaving because I hated it.

September isn't going to be my month. I just have a feeling. It's going to be full of

  • College 
  • Coursework 
  • Back to college/uni parties
  • Doctors appointments
  • Lectures from the above appointments.
  • Other appointments
  • A few birthday parties
I could go on. If there was any way to sleep until the 1st of October, I would be the first to try it. 

Though a new month means I have the chance to make it 3 months binge free. :D I actually noticed that I haven't binged in around 2 months. I mean, I haven't eaten much in the 2 months either ( good or bad? I'll say good for now..), but I'll take that over binging. I lost 0.8lbs this morning which sort of shocked me since I mainly slept all day yesterday. The no sleep thing is driving me crazy. Just laying there. Doing nothing, staring at the ceiling for hours.

Take care


  1. kidding, i was thinking of making this a blog title earlier! great minds think alike!
    i'm sure you can make it 3 months binge free :) xo.

  2. yeah sleep is weird. i sleep a lot less when i eat less which i think is weird. congrats on no binging for two months!! that is incredible!! I wish I were that amazing :-) Good luck at college/uni... and the doctors.... i am not looking forward to seeing mine next month. you are doing so well!! keep it up and don't forget to have fun!

  3. I hate when i can't sleep, but congrats on the .8 lbs! I used to hate parties/events because they all involve food! Sure does suck!

  4. Congrats on not bingeing in 2 months!! That's amazing! :D I'm lucky if I can go 2 weeks....

    I'm with you on the childcare. I did it all through high school and college because it was pretty good money (compared to other jobs, anyway), but at this point I think I'd rather be homeless on the streets that doing childcare again!

    I hope September is kind to you. <3