Saturday, 6 August 2011

Sudden burst of energy

I had a huge burst of energy this morning and decided I would agree to go for a walk/run with one of my friends. 8am we set off and we didn't get back until 1pm! I was so tired when we got back especially since I hadn't slept when we went. We ended up walking an extra to miles to find a McDonalds because it turns out Leeds isn't keen on providing public toilets. It brought back memories of that Wednesday night with Alba and Rising...
On the way back we saw this river boat (I think that is what they are. They tend to only use canals I think.) and it overtook us once we had crossed the bridge and it turns out we are kind of competitive, so we ended up running the 30 minutes back to the steps you have to go up to get away from the canal and woods area. It's not good when you realise there is around 9 flights of stairs to get up. I thought I was going to have an heart attack! xD Purging and then doing so much exercise isn't good for you.

I was having a really long text conversation with an ED friend earlier and we were talking about our eating disorder behaviours. I realised I actually have more of the typical bulimic behaviours than I thought. Laxative abuse, over exercising, purging... I very rarely binge though and when I do it's always between 1000 and 2000 calories. In most cases anyway. I've had worse binges like a lot of people, but most binges are rarely over the RDA though it feels like I have if that makes sense? I have more of an anorexic mindset when it comes to eating and thinking though. Ah forget making sense. The doctor can do that one on Thursday because my brain fails to comprend half the things I do.

I hope I have broken this stupid plateau in the morning. It is really frustrating me now. So fingers crossed it goes away much faster than it has stayed.

Take care


  1. I love going on long walks. They are so peaceful and calming.

    Purging? Do take care. xx
    I have them bulimic behaviours but then again I binge. A LOT. lol. You should tell your doctor on Thursday. It'll help him diagnose you better.

    Fingers x'd for breaking it in the morning.

  2. Wow! That's a great (FUN) work out!
    Sounds like a mix of both anorexia and bulimia. These disorders are crazy!

  3. Goodluck, love. For everything.
    I hope you're okay, I hope you're well.
    Be careful, we love you.