Friday, 12 August 2011


I'm actually getting into the habit of blogging daily and commenting back!

I think I am going to spend all day watching movies with bits of exercise thrown in. I have to write down all the exercise I do and the food I eat and what I drink and when I purge/use laxatives etc. That scares me a little because if this month is anything like the last 3 weeks, it's kind of, sort of going to be a little empty food wise lol. It's not funny I guess.. I don't really want an empty food journal and jam packed exercise one, but I don't want an empty exercise one and jam packed food one. It's a little like choosing the lesser of the two evils. I also apparently have to start eating breakfast and lunch... *small laugh*

I'm going to make a cup of tea and think over when I should end this fast (longest one I've actually ever done by 3 days) because I guess I will have to end it at some point.. At some point.
I wish college would hurry up and send me my timetable/enroll day. It's almost 2 weeks into August and I am guessing I only have another month or so left before going back. Which means I'll have to go shopping soon for some new clothes. I think I'll only buy jeans and hoodies mainly because it is annoying to have to replace clothes whenever you lose/gain weight. Plus it's nearly winter. As much as it would be nice to wear skirts and stuff, I'd prefer to not freeze my arse off. :P

Take care.


  1. I hate replacing clothes because of weight gain/loss. That was the worst thing about losing weight, I had already gotten rid of my skinny clothes thinking I wouldn't get back to those sizes again and then I *did* lose the weight and had nothing to wear. Awful, haha.

    Also, favorite thing - watching movies while working out on the treadmill. If there's anything that will get me to run forever, it's distracting myself with movies.

    Hope you get your timetable soon!

    And yes, the boyfriend just started med school. It's a bit intimidating. His family wants me to go to med school, but I get squeamish just hearing about some of the things they go over in his classes, haha.

  2. I haven't got a college schedule back either so I'm getting anxious about it.
    Good luck with the food journal. Mine would be full of binge days and no exercise lol.

    Enjoy your day.

  3. How long has your fast been going?
    I love winter! I love wearing jeans and layers and scarves and boots :-)
    good luck with that journal thing. I had to do one of those too before and somehow it just made me "worse" in their eyes. I worked out even more and ate even less. seeing it on paper just made me keep going. like an inspiration to do "better" (in my eyes) each day.

  4. I keep my "fat" clothes until I know I will never need them again. When my current "skinny" clothes start getting a little tight/uncomfortable I know I need to exercise more and eat less. I have some loose fitting tops for days when I feel fat/bloated so I can hide the muffin top from too tight skinny pants. And I have some skinny pants that are 1 size bigger for if I am fat/bloated. It helps to keep me in check. I hate how cold it gets in the winter where I live. And I hate the snow and ice. I like being able to wear sweaters and things but I want to move someplace a little warmer...

  5. I cannot wait for autumn and winter!! That's one of the things that sucks most about the weight fluctuation is constantly needing new sizes in clothes. That's why I never get rid of clothes. I even still have a lot of the stuff from when I was at my fattest.... It works as weird motivation to never be that big again. :/

    Good luck with your college schedule!