Thursday, 18 August 2011


My college has got a gym. See, that makes me slightly happier than getting in. ;]

So many people today seem to have gotten results they didn't want. My friend got AABB I think? I wasn't paying too much attention but he was very happy with them. Some of my other friends are having to redo some which obviously isn't what they wanted. But a few of us are going out on the 29th to celebrate.

I feel like death. I barely got any sleep last night and when I was finally comfortable, it was time to wake up. Normally I don't mind not getting much sleep (well I do but I can manage), but not today. Until at least 11am I wanted to just curl up in a ball and fall asleep.

Is there ANY of my female friends that are NOT pregnant?! Half my high school class/classes (17-18) seem to be, my sorta best friend (18) is pregnant to my ex before D, my best friend (17) from years ago is pregnant, 3 (17ish) girls I went to college with, my cousin (19) is attempting to get pregnant again(!)... Fricking hell! I'll be the only one without a pushchair with a screaming brat in it at this rate lol. It is just breeding time of year for teenagers or something? I find it insane that people my age are having or already have a child. I wouldn't want one, if any, until I am married and through with studying and things. If I ever become a parent, I'll be one of those 30 something year olds that are first time mums haha. I just don't see the point in having children if you have no education and no job. And I definitely do not see the point in starting a family with a guy who isn't going to stick around and was only with you for a quick lay. I'm not saying that if you are married the guy will stick around because there is always divorce and things, but you know what I mean. Kids having kids isn't right.

Oops! Gone off onto a completely different subject.

I need to get some exercise done so have a lovely Thursday :)
Take care


  1. yeah i totally know what you mean! i am married and still probably wont have kids until i am 30. i just think my hubby and i both want to have jobs for a while and get a good start there. i dont want to right away have to ask for maternity leave.. anyways. have fun exercising!!!

  2. Ohmygosh! Off topic, or not, I love it. I feel the same about all the friends around you having babies and not wanting one myself till Im like 30! For really. And, seriously, do they really not see that the guy is NOT going to stikk around? You know what Im saying? Gosh. I just wanna puke on them! LoL. That was kinda a sick joke. But, I your my friend:D You get it:D
    Stay Strong Lovely<3

  3. I find it crazy people who are like 17 having babies and that's really crazy you know so many people having kids. I completely agree - why have kids when you're still a child, and have no money or job or anything.

    Don't work yourself too hard (: take care xxx

  4. I agree on the whole teen pregnancy thing. It's ridiculous. I think so many do it because it means money from the government, house, they don't have to work... Etc.
    It winds me up the wrong way to see people younger than me with kids and no job.

    Jeal of your gym at college lol. x

  5. When I left school half of my tutor had kids or were pregnant. And now (23) I think nearly everyone has one! or 5!! It's scary! I want one before I'm 30 but there's no rush!! :)

  6. Beeing mum as teenager is kind of popular right now, it's weird and I don't want to follow that "fashion".
    I haven't been sleeping half night too just rolling from side to side and it wasn't nice.

  7. Wow, I know exactly what you mean. All of my friends from high school already have kids. I'm one of the very few who hasn't gotten knocked up. Even if I wasn't gay I still wouldn't want a child at age 20. Most of them are not financially stable or in stable relationships - the totally wrong environment to raise a child. I think people should need a license to reproduce. lmao!

  8. I'm totally with you on the kids thing--I don't want any until 30 at the youngest. I value my free time. :D


  9. Well, it's just crazy 17 years old girls having kids really!
    I don't understand that and I'm 21 and don't see around any girls of my age being pregnant or anything...
    I want to finish my university studies first, then have a career, earn money, get married and after that I would definitely love to have kids... But it's like in another 10 years...