Monday, 22 August 2011

Mirror or Scale

My body hurts so much from the major workout yesterday. Worth it to lose 1.6lbs, but ouch. No idea why I hurt more today than any other day because it wasn't exactly anything that different from what I normally do. None the less, a shower and then long bubble bath is in order for later on tonight.

My weekend wasn't that thrilling despite the break from blogging.
I actually watched the X Factor. :| Not by choice I may add (friends over), but it wasn't that bad. Sooo much better without Cheryl Cole and her "you are reet up me street pet." I don't know whether it is the fact I am in no way or shape a fan of hers or the fact I am not keen on the Newcastle accent in the slightest, but I like the fact she isn't there anymore. Gary Barlow is well boring though isn't he? Especially when he attempts to act like Simon Cowell. Even I can do a better Mr Nasty impression than he attempted.

Going back to the weight thing, I was looking at pictures from my HW of 161 a few weeks ago and looking at some I took yesterday (I take photographs but would never post them online. It's sort of like a record I guess) 20 odd pounds less and I find it weird how I can see such a difference in pictures yet when I look in the whore of a mirror, I look much bigger than I did back then. It makes me wonder who I hate more. The mirror or the scale. I think I would be much more tempting to smash the mirror than the scale but I don't need 7 years bad luck and all that cleaning up after... Major put off! ;] Which one do you guys prefer? I'm a scale person. I can trust them numbers a lot more than I can trust my own vision of myself.

Take care


  1. i am definitely a scale person too... and i like my measuring tape. i never like the way i look in the mirror. congrats on the 1.6! thats awesome!! I would love to lose that in one day :-)

  2. Ah, you forgot the third evil stepsister: the measuring tape. The three of them all tell different stories, though none of them usually any good. I'd have to go with scale though. It's the only one that will give you a little encouragement after only a few days of hard work.

  3. Hope you feel less achey soon lovely
    i prefer the mirror tbh im hating the scales atm :(
    in the mirror idk i can see where all the fat is analyse it more i guess with the scales i think its more harsh like its "just" a number straight number idk hard to explain lol
    we could smash the scales and mirror up in unison though? lol

  4. aww please try and not work yourself too hard lovely :(
    heh, awww, due to BDD and all that shit mirrors give a distorted image etc etc (im sure youve heard this all before), so i definitely prefer the scales (although mine are broken right now :|)

    gah, i ended up watching x factor (again, not out of choice either) and i completely agree about how it's better without Cheryl Cole (: i didn't think it would be as good with the new judges. and i agree about the Gary Barlowt thing, he's definitely trying to be the "new simon". still, at least the judges offer good advice/feedback now.


  5. Photos. At least with photos, I can pretend it's a trick of the light or bad angles! Plus I find it really hard to trust a scale.

  6. I prefer mirror definitely. Scale is just to precise. In a mirror you can't see you gained 0,3 kg. Scale will show you.