Monday, 8 August 2011

A morning post!

You lot should feel lucky! I don't think I have blogged at 09:44am in months! I am actually only doing so because I keep falling asleep at such weird times.. Going to have to work on that one.

So my weekend wasn't too bad. I still have my friend here from yesterday which is nice, but I do wish he would go to the shop or home or something so I can weigh myself. I would really like a cup of tea or glass of water before noon! It always annoys me when my weigh in time gets delayed because I am a control freak and like sticking to my own schedule. When it gets messed up I tend to be a miserable so and so. :P

I've exercised this morning too. At 05:30am. The side effects of not sleeping and having too much energy means I exercise. 1 hour and 20 minutes on the bike which really isn't bad for me first thing in a morning. Normally I just want to curl up and sleep until 11am at least. Plus 80 minutes on that thing is enough to make my butt hurt. xD I prefer cycling on a real bike but I don't have one anymore and I sort of don't trust motorists here to not knock me off a bike! I've always cycled on the path because of that small reason.

Thursday is getting so close... Thank God I am not under 16 and he can't tell anyone else. I can't imagine how that must feel. Having everyone you know like, know everything without you wanting them to. That has got to make things worse for the person suffering in my opinion.

Anyway. I should make myself useless and make a start on dying my hair... Or going back to bed. ;) Or studying. ah the options are endless.

Take care


  1. Good morning! Or afternoon. Not sure which LOL!
    You are doing so much better than me on the exercise front so far today. I've not even bothered getting ready to go to the gym yet.

    Have a good day and don't stress about Thursday. Think of it as just the day you are getting your hair cut. <3 xo

  2. I hate it when people do that too. I have set times to do things and HATE it when I can't do them.
    I can't imagine having to tell people either. I feel so sorry for people that have their families and friends told.

    What colour you dying it?

  3. cheers for early exercising. i wish i had some sort of exercise machine indoors. it's hard to get out there&do it any later than 8 when the temp is somewhere around 110 like it has been. hope you get to weigh in soon. stay strong, doll.

  4. Heh I can really relate to how annoying is when your schedules get messed up ): I hope he didn't mess it up tooooo much (:
    Hopefully your sleeping will sort out soon :( xxx

  5. Hahaha, you sound like like you have so many options!!!!!!!! :D I wake up at crazy times too. 10am yesterday, 7.30am today. Thanks for all your support as well, lovely.

  6. Nice job waking up early and all that exercise! I'm the same wayy when my personal ANA schedule gets messed up. Nobody knows they messed it up so I can't yell at them. Oh well. Stay Strong<3
    Jane P.

  7. amazing workout! and i so know what you mean about the scale... i have to get on it in the morning before i put anything in my system or i can't get on it or i just fret about it all day.... stay strong though girlie!

  8. <3 You're doing well, love.
    Don't be too hard on yourself. :)