Saturday, 27 August 2011

Made up my mind... Of sorts

I should put this milkshake down and stop drinking it because it is making me feel ill. Plus I can't/shouldn't even drink dairy. Boo to liking vanilla milkshake and being lactose intolerant haha.

I'm not watching The X Factor tonight which I am not sure is bad or good. It actually wasn't that bad last week so I've decided to record it and carry on watching the Man v Food marathon. :D Nothing like a little bit of food porn on a Saturday evening haha. He does need to stop talking whilst eating though. It isn't the most attractive thing ever.

I think I have sort of agreed in my own head to do the therapy thing and other things my doctor suggested. It's not my attempt at recover in the slightest, just... I think I am just going to play it out and see what it is like to be open about everything and actually talk about it instead of bottling everything up. I don't even know whether it will work or I will still think I should do it when I go back on the 8th, but I can give it a try and all. I might even take a friends advice and ask about a dietitian? Or is it a nutritionist? I think it's a dietitian actually. Meh, they do similar things. But yes. I am going to be a good patient and actually try and attempt the things my doctor suggests because I am lovely like that.

Take care


  1. going to see a doctor, counsellor or dietician isnt that bad. it can really help talking to people. i hope it works for u. xo

  2. i've never heard of the Man Vs Food Marathon, but it sounds surprisingly interesting . . . *goes to google*

    that's awesome you're gonna go to therapy and start opening up. it can help you a lot by just letting it out as bottling stuff up is rubbish :(


  3. I so know how you feel about the milkshake thing, I lurvvvee iced coffee and i am lactose intolerant too. I always drink them and ALWAYS feel sick afterwards.

  4. I went into recovery, sort of, with the same mentality as you; if you stay focused it's not hard to do what they say and still lose weight. My nutritionist made me a meal plan that was just as restrictive as the one I'd been on. It was sort of awesome ;)

  5. I think it always helps to have someone unbiased to talk to (even if they're getting paid to be unbiased...). Bottling things up tend to lead to unpleasant explosions. <3