Monday, 1 August 2011

I wanna look hot for school

^^ Them sort of posts on PT just annoy me.

I am so tired today and uncomfortably warm.
What the heck is going on in England? It's meant to be cold. I quite like it cold. I do not like the weather when it is all stuffy and just annoying. I want it to pour it down or something...
I got woken up 3 hours after going to bed this morning by my ever so lovely friend wanting to catch up over coffee. Don't get me wrong, it was lovely, but a couple more hours sleep wouldn't have hurt.

I've actually been using my exercise bike these past few days! *cue shock horror!*
Actually I've been working out in general. Why do I only get motivated to do that when I don't eat?! Sigh.

I think I am going to do a quick work out, get a shower and then go to bed. I'll comment on blogs tomorrow morning.

Take care


  1. Get some sleep girl. I'm glad your working out. I bet you'll look amazing when school starts.


  2. I really need to start working out! It's my most dreaded task. I'll take from your example. Stay Strong<3

  3. No! No! Don't wish away our lovely sunshine! We've plenty of fog and drizzle and rain through the rest of the year - let us sun bunnies enjoy the few warm days we get :) Good job on your workouts! xx

  4. Yay exercise bike!!!

    And yeah I hate those PT posts as well. That's why I just don't go on it that much. I'll start posting once in a while, then see one of those posts and be like aaaarrrrggggjfhdkdnjjdfjk!!! and then abandon PT for a few months until I get bored/curious again....

    Hope you're having a good week so far! xoxo