Thursday, 11 August 2011

Holy shit!

It's Thursday. It's Thursday already.
I feel like I am dying or something. Oh my gosh. I don't want to go. This is even scarier than meeting the 3 PT'ers and having 2 of them sleep over haha.

I feel sick. When I am really nervous, I throw up. Don't ask me why. I'm just a weird human being lol.
I'm getting my hair cut at 13:30 so hopefully that calms me down a little. I only want a wee bit taken off and a few layers because I am kind of in love with my hair right now.

I might play on the playstation to try and take my mind off of today. I wish it was just in the morning/early afternoon so I could hurry up and get this over with. It's like a bad kiss or bad sex. You can't wait for it to hurry up and be done with. Although now I have mention bad kisses/sex when I already have my doctor in mind... :| That is not an image I want in my head, but of course it is now stuck there and yuck! I think yuck... Yeah I'll stick with yuck... For now. ;)

Thank you for all the comments on my pictures actually! Huge ego boost whilst I was shopping yesterday. :)

Sorry this is kind of all jumbled up. I'd write more but it wouldn't make sense.

Take care


  1. haha i love when other people ramble makes me feel less crazy :-) good luck at the doctors! they always scare me but soon enough it will be friday and the doctor will be over and it will be the weekend yay!
    thank you for the comment :-) i'll put pics of my hair up soooon

  2. Haha, I puke when I'm nervous or anxious as well. In high school, anytime I had to have a serious talk with or breakup with a boyfriend I would always puke beforehand, completely out of my control. It was awful!

    Just keep calm!

  3. holy shit aswell
    howd it go loveleeeeeeee?