Tuesday, 30 August 2011

College and things

Maybe it was just the 1 hour sleep that left me a little brave, but I actually attempted to tell the tutor to change my health thingy on my records. I say attempted because we decided we will talk about it on Wednesday when I go back to finish enrolling and things because it will obviously be more private and not full of other students enrolling etc.

Question: How do you actually say you have an eating disorder out loud? I mean, coming right out and just saying it is probably what others do, but it makes it sound so serious. I know, I know. It is serious, but it really sounds severe and that when you say it out loud. Try it.

So, I have 11 classes I think if I read my timetable right. I barely had hold of the paper before it was given to another member of staff there. I hope all the classrooms are close because it's a big college to get lost in haha. I used to live 2 minutes from it and never realised it was as big as it is.
Once I had finished there it was around 4pm so it was too late to attempt to buy pads and things so I ended up just going straight home and falling asleep. That is what you get when you don't go to bed until past 7am because PT is just too interesting. I guess I'll have to go Thursday after going to the dentist.

My friend just nearly burnt my house down making waffles. Holy cow! That's just using the toaster! :/ I'm not sure I want him to cook again even if he is staying until Sunday evening. I might make him starve ;) or eat out.

Just to be random! There is this totally cute guy in my group who looks like he should be in the Army or something. For some reason, I could only think he should be in the Army instead of going to college the entire time we were in the same room.

Take care


  1. I know you are trying to be honest and fair but I advice you not to record anywhere that you actually have an eating disorder. Not only that it's not really comfortable to speak about it but also it may cause you some problems. Really, believe me, it's better to keep it in secret.

    Don't worry, I used to get lost in my university so often the first semester :D But you'll learn it soon :)

  2. 11 classes. I'm not envious of that LOL.
    Just don;t do what I did. I ended up blurting out I am anorexia and then realized what I had said. I felt such an idiot!! Men cannae cook so don't let him attempt it. ;]
    I get lost in college all the time. I still don't know half of the blocks on campus. I probably should since it's not like I am a new student.

  3. it's not easy but you get used to it. and it's the last one so i just keep telling myself that.
    hope you sleep better tonight!! it's hard to tell people about an eating disorder. i dont know any other way than to just say it.
    Stay strong! <3

  4. It IS hard to say it out loud. I did it, twice, and it took so long to actually get OUT, it was ridiculous. The third time I "said" it, I didn't even say it. I just said, "you know that thing you've been worried about, well you're right"

  5. haha I just love your posts! The Army huh?

    about the most serious stuff, well, I guess its hard for anyone to admit they have a problem. I dont see it as an eating disorder. I think all of us are unhappy with our bodies and decided to do something about it.
    Stay strong, and just be honest with your feelings.

  6. Oh dear, good luck hun. Remember once you tell, you can never go back.

  7. <3 <3
    Thinking of you, love.

  8. About saying it aloud - i used to never say it aloud but when i'd text people about it i hated the word "anorexia" so much, i called it "Anoria" lol :/ i gradually started to say it aloud by just saying it to myself for a bit, whispering it at first and gradually saying it louder and louder (like, not all in one day but over a few weeks). i know you don't have a few weeks and it sounds like a crazy suggestion but it's worth a shot? i found once i said it, i was able to come to terms with it more too

    i'm glad though that you've decided you will say about your ED. could you get a letter saying it from your doctor maybe so then you won't have to say it aloud if you're really struggling to?

    take care, xxxx

  9. Yeah, really, how do you? I sometimes couch it as "food issues" or joke that "I don't eat!" and let people realize I'm not kidding when / if I freak out at a restaurant.

    I love cute army guy types like that. There was one in my graduating class.

  10. Hope you get off to a good start in College. As far as telling anyone I have an ED-I personally haven't made up my mind about whether I do or not so my lips are sealed. I agree it sounds very serious...well I guess b/c it is.

  11. Army boy sounds yummy. diggg it.
    good luck with college. xoxoxo

  12. It might be easiest to wait until someone else brings it up - like, if a close friend or family member mentions that they're concerned, maybe you could say "Actually, I've been wanting to talk to someone about that, i'm really struggling to reconcile myself with food and body image at the moment..." and go from there. Others are right, though, once you've said it you can't take it back. So just make sure it's someone you really trust. Good luck!