Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Britney Spears marathon

Hey 201 people. *waves like a geek* I'll follow you back later tonight or at some point. If I don't follow you, just comment and tell my lazy butt to follow you. ;)

I'm currently uploading a ton of music to the Blackberry and iPod. It's totally not sad that a some of it is old Britney/Christina songs... Not in the slightest..

I'm meant to be getting ready to go for a walk with my friend and his dogs but he doesn't get out of work until 10pm so I have plently of time to striaghten the hair. I finally got around to dying it this morning and it still smells of hairdye. I hate my hair smelling like it but what can you do about it? It went darker than last time but I think that has something to do with the fact I had to prelighten my hair last time to get the bright red out of it. I'll have to take pictures at some point. Probably tomorrow when I get my new glasses. :)

I was having a Facebook covo with a friend this morning whilst dying my hair (I'd seen them in the centre when I went for coffee this morning with A). It went like this..

Them: Hey you're looking great! I've not seen you in time.
Me: Um thanks. I know. Too long right?
My head: Shut up.
Them: Have you lost weight? We need to get together at some point.
My head: Get together? Sigh.
Me: Maybe a couple of pounds. I don't check the scales often.
My head: 17lbs actually, but still shut up.
Them: Well I want your diet.
Me: Haha..
My head: Just don't eat. Simples.
Them: You should come with me and Demi on Friday. Small get together and we'll go shopping.
My head: Yeah, yeah, yeah... Piss off! I have dye on my legs now. :| Lucky it wasn't the shorts. I'd have rammed this damn bottle down your throat!!
Me: Sounds good. If not this week, we'll do it next?
My head: Do I really have to??
Them: Def!

And then it went on to some random crap before I said I had to go and grab a shower. I hate it when you talk to people and weight is the first thing they mention. Like, you wouldn't say the same thing if I had gained weight. Why is it rude to point out a person has gained but it's not to point out a person has lost weight? Double standards really.

Take care


  1. hahaa, definitely agree with the whole mentionig if you've lost weight or something. if i want it mentioned, i'd bring it up!!...right?! ;) i hope you're ok, xo.

  2. ps. britney spears = amazing; she's the soundtrack to my childhood :)

  3. That was great. I love the thoughts of your head. It's the same for me in that sitch too. I'm sure for all of us. I think the same thing when they ask about diets. That made me giggle. My wedding ring is a whole size too big on me...I told my hubby it's $35 to get it re-sized...he says, "you've lost weight, when you gain it back we won't have to worry about it."
    What the H-E-L-L-O!!! Firstly, he doesn't know about my ED. Secondly, why would I gain it back!!! Jerk! But, I love him. He doesn't know what he said pissed me off and made me wanna puke....he's just cheap and doesn't want to get my ring re-sized.
    But, good story.
    Stay Strong<3
    Jane P.

  4. Pictures! :)
    Love you, dear.