Wednesday, 31 August 2011

August is pretty much over

It's not ended that badly for me. I decided I would end it right and go to the gym to do a workout which has left me feeling pretty sore and tired.

I'm a little glad I don't go back to college until the 12th (I was pretty bummed about not going back on the 5th to be honest) because it gives me a chance to get my sleep pattern back to normal. It takes ages to get it back to normal but only a day or two to mess it up again.

I don't even have much to post. My day hasn't been the most interesting day really. Me and my friend ended up watching Supersize Me I think it is called. I feel sorry for the guy eating that much McDonald's for an entire month. It was interesting to watch it again though because I had a complete different opinion and perspective to it than I did when it first came out. 25lbs gained in one month based on a 5000 calorie daily diet. That in itself is pretty mad.

Oh yeah, Army guy. He does have a name, I've just forgotten it. "/ But college won't be that bad having classes with him haha. It might suck a little since my auntie is going to the same college though. She's only 16 and I'm nearly 19 so it is definitely weird explaining to people why this annoying 16 year old isn't my cousin or younger sibling, but my aunt. I can deal with it though since we are not on the same course or anything.

Take care


  1. That must be strange having a younger aunt. I bet that shocks people when you tell them LOL.

    I hope September is good to you. xx <3

  2. Anyone who "looks like they should be in the army" sounds super sexy to me!

  3. <3 Thinking of youuuuu, lovely thing.

  4. I've always wanted to watch the "Supersize Me" documentary. In fact I love all food documentaries, the eating disorder ones of course (binge eating, anorexia etc)are my favourite.

    Gaining 25 pounds in one month from McDonalds is pretty damn intense.

    Army guy sounds cool, I can't deny that a man in uniform is irresistible