Friday, 19 August 2011

7 - I did have a title in mind but I've forgotten it

I want to get drunk and enjoy myself with my friends.
I could have gone out tonight but I bailed.
I've just realised how many times this past month I have bailed on them and I feel really bad about it. I've not long just got into the habit of going out with them often and I seem to have got stuck in that rut of not going out again.

I am such a boring 18 year old.

I was feeling kind of happy earlier and now I feel really blah. I can't even say anything happened to change my mood. It's not like today has been anything of interest or disappointment.
I've got to be over at my house before 9am (not home) just so a guy can install Sky. On a Saturday. Definitely not looking forward to that because it takes over an hour to get there from here. Annoyingly, I have to wait until the 9th for proper broadband to be installed. I officially hate changing phone/broadband companies.

I've just noticed I get broadband the day after the doctors. Random fact right there.
This isn't going to get any more interesting. I should go and update the food/exercise journal. One is still kind of, sort of, very empty apart from stuff I have drank.

Take care and enjoy your Friday night.


  1. I NEVER go out on weekend nites. First, bc I dont drink and that lifestyle doesn't interest me and I like being me not them. And also, I think its dangerous. Like bad stuff happens AND you always screw up diets. Sucks. So, I dont think your weird for being 18 and not going out on Friday. I think it's cool and admirable.
    Stay Strong<3 Your Awesome!

  2. hey.. firs time reading your blog and I can already relate! I get how you feel! Im goin through the same. friday night and i stayed home!
    i used to have a huge social life and now i just think theres nothing more important than loosing all this weight.
    its hard. im not gonna lie, but you ll be so happy when you reach your goal youre gonna realize everything was worth it. :)

  3. Aww you can always go out with them next time and if you don't want to go out then don't feel pressurised to :( I mean, so long as you're not isolating yourself and all then it's ok.

    Sorry to hear your mood suddenly dropped, hopefully you'll feel better today :) xxxx