Wednesday, 17 August 2011

5 - Happy

I'm actually in quite a good mood today. It must be connected to the weather or something, but I actually feel really happy.

Not even popping into my doctors for a adhesive dressing (I'm allergic to plasters) and my doctor showing his disapproving concerns to me having lost 5lbs since I went on Thursday made me feel unhappy. Well maybe I wasn't as happy as I was when I left, but it was fine. Stopping off at Starbucks and grabbing an iced skinny latte made it a wee bit better. :)

I found out I enrol at college on the 30th. For some strange reason I have a feeling I am doing something else on that day but I have no idea what. Or the day after... Maybe it's bowling? I'm pretty sure I agreed to go bowling at some point before going back to college. Anyway, 30th of August I finally get my schedule and badge and loads of other stuff. I think I go back on the 5th of September accourding to the college website which kind of sucks. I have the doctors on the 8th and was hoping to go back to college later on in September.
I'm so confused about the bursaries and things the letters was talking about though. Googling it is making it even harder to attempt to get a grasp on. "/ I guess I'll wait until I go to get my stuff from college and ask them.

Take care


  1. yeah school starts so early for me but it is so good to be on a better and busier schedule. less temptation :-) good luck on the 30th!!!

  2. Good luck with all the college stuff. I know it's a total pain in the ass, but you'll get through it. Ohhh bowling! I miss bowling. It's fun :)

  3. I love days like that, when someone could pee in your coffee and you can just brush it off and order tea. I wish I could always be like that.

  4. What do you actually study? I understood you would like to be a doctor but I'm not sure if it's what you actually study or not?
    I wish we had a Starbucks here as well :))