Tuesday, 16 August 2011


I was going to skip blogging tonight but I realised it was that the title would be 4 and 4 is my favourite number.

I have a terrible habit of tapping or touching my collarbones when I am bored or something and I must do it a lot since my friends notice and comment on it. Like, "Wtf are you doing?" I don't even notice I do it, so I wonder how many other habits I have that other people notice.

I was going to wear a short sleeved top today because it was a lovely day and then I realised I couldn't do that because whilst cuts don't bother me, I don't feel like sharing my secrets with everyone I know. That is exactly why I never used to cut my arms. I have no idea why I started doing so either because I don't want scars there in the future. I think the first time I cut my arms was because I was in a huge state and a major 'cutting spree' and ran out of space. From my wrists to my shoulders. Everywhere hurt like a bitch in the morning when I realised what I had done the night before.

It's apparently A level results day on Thursday and I am meant to go with my friend to get his results. Kind of rubbish because I would have been getting mine this year, but shit happens I guess. I hope he's done well though because he's worked pretty hard.

Right enough of my random chatter.
Take care


  1. yeah i used to cut a lot and now i have this huge scar on my left arm just below the elbow crease... i gave up on hiding. oh well. no one asks about it anymore but i do get some weird looks sometimes. oh well.

  2. That's an interesting habit, I wish mine was less common, I have an awful habit of messing with my hair. I'm really sorry to hear about your cutting, I hope that you are okay. I think you're beautiful, cuts and all. Have a lovely day! <3

  3. boo for cuts. tap on my collarbones a lot, too, though people don't notice often. except for my overweight friends. "ugh. you're so bony. i hate you." sweeties. aaaaanyway, stay strong.

  4. I used to cut my arms as well and used to hide it as well... But with time I just gave up and showed it to the world. And you know what? Nobody ever commented on it... People were jsut trying to avoid a look at my arms... Weird world..

  5. Haha, i do the collar bone thing too, and other stuff - I do it subconsciously so don't even realise lol.
    aww sorry to hear about the scars :( :( I hope your friend did well with his results :D xxxx