Sunday, 14 August 2011


I am tired. I could crash out right now but I have a few things to do and I know once I get in bed I will not be able to sleep. It's always like that. "/ I need to stop waking up at 4am.


Tea is quite nasty on an empty stomach. I had a cup around 4 hours ago and still feel a little bit yucky. Completely reminds me why I have been sticking to water. Then again, I haven't been drinking enough. I tend to have one 500ml bottle of water and then that is it for the day because I don't get thirsty so I have no idea when I need something to drink. My friend said I should set reminders on my phone to have a glass of whatever which I thought was a good idea.

I was productive today and applied online to do some volunteering around the city. One place I know really well and would find it awesome to volunteer there because it mainly focuses on homelessness, drug/alcohol addictions and many other things and that actually fascinates me a lot. Another one was at a family centre and The Samaritans and 2 other elsewhere. I need to fill in my time plus it looks good on my CV and will eventually my medical school application look a wee more interesting. :) See, I am capable of planning for the future haha!

Take care


  1. Hey, I'm reading your blog for a little while now and find it really interesting! I think you must be a really strong people...
    Great you applied for some volunteering, I always talk about that, about how it would be great to help people and so on but I actually never do anything for it... Good luck to get the position you want!

    Check my blog as well, if you feel like it...

  2. thanks for the comments girlie!! you are amazing with this fast! i wish i had the will power and all that you do!! <3

  3. I hardly ever feel thirsty either. I've read that drinking water every time you feel hungry helps a lot with eating less and drinking more water throughout the day because oftentimes our bodies confuse thirst for hunger. You may not feel thirsty, but if you're hungry and you don't drink much, you probably just need water!

  4. Thank you for following me :-)
    I was reading your bio and I LOVE what you said about you love your ED because it has made you what you are today. I relate because I super love my ED right now and I don't want to give it up. I'm having a hard time with that, I don't want to hijak your post though so I'll make my OWN post about how that's going for me kay.


  5. Waking up at 4 am could be really useful though (: I hate waking up ahead of schedule, but I enjoy the extra "stolen" hours, but I usually end up sleeping way more the next night. The reminders on your phone are a great idea, I might do that too! I volunteered at the library today, I'm glad you're volunteering too! I hope you have a lovely day, stay beautiful! <3