Saturday, 30 July 2011


I'm kind of glad it is the weekend. Not that I do anything of significance during the week lol, but weekends are always much more relaxing in my opinion.

It's nearly August which means I only have a month and bit before going back to college. Sigh. I sort of don't want to, but in another way I do. It will be nice to fill my days up with something of significance I guess. Which reminds me, I was/am meant to spend the summer break revising and studying. I can't even get away from college work even when it is summer break! I guess it will not kill me to study for a few hours every now and again...

I booked my appointment at the doctors anyway. The 11th of August. At least it isn't so close because if it was I would have been tempted to back out lol. It's still tempting but not as tempting.

Is anyone else obsessed with that Man V Food and Ace of Cakes? I think both shows are amazing! If I wasn't a vegetarian and eating disordered and not a fussy eater, I could definitely do most of them challenges on Man V Food! Them shows along with Bear Grylls: Born Surviver keep me entertained for too long!

Anyway. I should get some sleep since I am spending the morning with A. :)

Take care.


  1. im gonna really go for it in aug before going back to college! How much are you hoping to loose b4 u go back? x

  2. I LOVE Man V Food!!! Adam is so adorable. :D
    11th august... Good luck with it. It sounds scary as hell haha. It's not so bad though. I was the same when my doctor first found out. Turns out it isn't too bad.

  3. I don't want august to be here nearly. I am not ready to go back to college. Especially at this weight. :/

    You got anything planned before going back to college? xx