Sunday, 31 July 2011

Memories = Smiles... Most of the time

I spent most of the day at my friends just talking about high school and the sorts.
It's always funny looking back a few years and remembering how things used to be.
Some things I miss and some things I don't.
I definitely don't miss high school haha. Not in the slightest!

Then I came back home for a few hours and then headed on a night walk with A.
Walking at night makes me really tired which is a good thing.
Hopefully I'll get to sleep before 9am...

I want to get my hair cut. I think.
Not sure how though because I quite like the length it is now.
I think I just want some layers in it.
I don't know. I hate getting my hair cut and talking to the hairdresser. I like her, but it's just idle chit chat.

I need to get another pair of glasses too.
I should get them before getting my hair cut and get a pair that look right with ginger hair lol.
The Bench pair I have right now look alright with dark hair but not light hair.
I could always buy two pairs since designer glasses seem to be on a 2 for 1 deal offer..

I'm kind of rambling. Sorry. :P
I tend to do that when bored but since Man V Food started I am okayy. :D
I should go to bed since it is nearly 1am and I have to be up at 6am.
Such joy. Sundays are meant to be lazy days aren't they?

So good night. :)
I need sleep and energy for tomorrow.
Oh, did I mention I agreed to go for daily walks with my friend?
No? Oh well. At least I did now.

12 days now. "/
Take care and enjoy your weekend.


  1. High school tends to be horrible for most people. The only good part is if you have hot teachers/fellow students. ;)

    You should get it done to shoulder length with a side fringe and layers. That is quite typical though I guess. Show us pictures when you get it done!

    Goodnight. xx

  2. Sounds like you're having a good weekend. :)
    Daily walks sound good. Espesh if they help you sleep too.

    12 days? Doctors? It'll be fine.