Sunday, 31 July 2011

July is nearly over

At least it will be in 6ish hours.

I guess the good thing about it nearly been August is that Gay Pride is next month on the 27th. It always looks awesome but I have never gone. I'll have to kidnap a few friends and have a couple of drinks with them. It's my aunts birthday that day too.

I have the worst tummy ache today. And being sick and the sorts... This is what I get when I forget to ask for a SOY latte. It's kind of funny how dairy makes me feel so much worse than laxatives. I didn't even notice it tasted different since I was too busy talking and walking around Leeds city centre.  I still forgot to buy another pair of pumps. *facepalm*

I just realised I hit my highest weight ever earlier this month. I'm down 14.4lbs from that though. I don't really so 'proper' stats these days. You always get someone asking how you dropped the weight. Not so much on here, but on PT mainly. I find it so annoying because I end up wanting to reply "Oh I ate nothing/next to nothing, worked out like an idiot... Blah blah blah." It's called an eating disorder for a reason. I used to do stats. Maybe one day I will do them again. Or I'll do bmi. :)

Does anyone else get sort of triggered knowing their doctor will weigh them? It always gets to me. I think it is probably my one true trigger because somebody else will know my weight aswell as me. It makes me not want to eat before going which is actually what I end up doing. What I am doing. It's just what I do. I know, it is ever so slightly weird.

Take care.


  1. oh, i get so freaked out going to the doctor, even if i'm not certain he'll weigh me at all. i have to weigh myself under very certain conditions, which they definitely don't do at the doctor's. =\
    and yeah, it triggers me too. always afraid he'll think I'm a pig for being closer to a healthy weight, though it's completely senseless.

    btw gay pride over here in new york is always extremely festive, a very fun time! go enjoy it there!

  2. Going to the docs scares me. Knowing she is going to want to weigh me makes me really uneasy.

  3. You're beautiful. So beautiful.
    I love your posts.

  4. Ha, I always worry when I'm going to the Dr. Mine weighs me because she knows I'm worried about gaining on my contraceptive pill, so she is kind of doing me a favour, but I always feel so ashamed of being in the 'normal' range :( Not for long though (fingers crossed...)!

    Have fun at the parade! xx

  5. yeh i get triggered like its a number to judge you i always think if im too heavy they'l be like well u havent got an ED with this weight! or they'l say something stupid like well coz ur bmi isnt that bad u must be eating ok so u dont need my help *face palm*
    thanks for the comment btw honey
    im going seacroft YCED? u heard of it? i dnt wanna go but i do at the same tym ive got 10 Out patients appointments :/
    take care