Saturday, 9 July 2011

Catch up

Doctors went pretty good. I got some tablets for iron and some other ones. All I know is I hate them because I can't swallow them right. Ironic that I can when I use laxatives though. However laxatives don't make me sick like these tablets do. Or make my heart beat really weird.

My doctor is charming though. Should you describe a doctor as that? Well, he is anyway. I couldn't lie to him though. Oh my gosh. I found that so weird. Why do I always get doctors that I get along with really well? It makes it so much harder to want to confess things to them. Thankfully he didn't have my medical records yet (it's been a month people! Sort it out. That is what you get when you had a shitty doctor you never really saw at any appointment previously.) Is it just me that gets a little red faced when doctors ask about sex and periods? I talk about that stuff a bit on PT but in real life I seem to be a little bit of a prude.

Ooh. I am now sort of ginger. I have no good photos at the moment but I quite like it. The sad/scary part is that is actually looks pretty natural on me. :O I look like my uncles child apparently haha. [He's pretty ginger and pale!]
I also rescued two lovely white kittens. Well they were abandond near my aunts where my cats live (7th floor isn't ideal for 2 outdoor cats lol), so my other aunt took them. I named them Mitsy and Misty. Very original I know. :P

Am I forgetting anything? Ahh, and to you who asked about the drama on PT, it was some over hyped crap between a few members and HRF James that went on for way too long.

I'm too tired today. I think I might check into my actual bed tonight! We fell asleep on the floor after getting back home from town last night and it isn't so comfortable when your floor is concrete and tiles under the carpet. I need to remember not to do that again tomorrow night since it is our movie and wine night. I am NEVER watching that new Nightmare on Elm Street again. Worst movie in the history of film!

Take care.


  1. Aww :( well, at least you have iron tablets? :) you'll hopefully find they help to make you feel less tired.

    Heh, i get red faced if it's a male doctor talking to me about sex/periods etc, but with a female one i don't mind. i guess it's good in a way you couldn't lie to your doctor as it means you can get the correct meds :)

    heh awww about the cats :)

    *agrees that drama went on for too long*. i logged onto PT the next day and people were still talking about it ><

    hope you have a lovely time with movie and wine night :) xxxxxxx

  2. I just recently (the tenth) became partially hunger as well. I found that relatively funny.. I cant wait to see pics. I bet you look stunning and fabulous. I hope the kittens are well. I love kittens. Especially strays. They're so cute.