Monday, 18 July 2011

Alcohol, letters, doctors and ugh

My entire body hurts and I am pretty sure I am still drunk. Good day/night though.

Apart from the letter issue. I sort of put everything in a letter and posted it through the letterbox to my doctors. That my doctor will read. Tomorrow morning. And know. Everything.. I hope I spelt everything properly and clearly...

Not smart. At all. That has got to be the only truly stupid thing I have done when drunk. Well to a point...
If I come up with such a genius idea again on Wednesday, I give Char and Becca permission to hurt me!

Moving on...

I played football today. Not sure how because of the drunkness, but I played. It poured it down and I was filthy. It was a good game though and naturally my team won. :P I did hurt my hand/wrist though when my lovely friend tackled me to the ground. Maybe that is why I hurt so bad but it isn't fun having some 6ft guy who weighs 13st or something take you down.
I'm thinking a shower then a bath and then ice on my hand and knee. Then bed! I'm too tired and need to stop thinking.

I hope you've all had good weekend. :)

Take care


  1. I've spent the past few days drunk too. ;).

    I stopped coming online, for a while. i'm sorry.

    But I'm back now, I always will be back, at some point or another.

    I'm here, for you, love. Always.


  2. Hope the hangover-ish aches went away quickly, and you got a god night's sleep. <3