Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Sunshine and smiles

I'm getting creative naming these things aren't I?

I have woken up in such a good mood. I actually feel really happy and smiley and it's weird!
Weird to me at least. Regular people would think I was mad for finding it weird.
I think it's got something to do with the lovely weather here at the moment.

And my college interview. I never even mentioned it on my blog but it went really well.
I've just got to go back and do some exam things to see what level I am at and then I start in September.
I'm kind of excited. I won't be as excited if my course takes 2 years though. Well I won't mind. It just means that after this course and A levels, I won't get to go to medical school until I am 22!
Kind of old haha. No offence if anyone is that age. I've just never imagined being that age. Looking at ut though, it is kind of a good thing. If things hadn't gotten in the way of high school and all that, I'd be going to study it this year. I can honestly say that I wouldn't feel ready to be doing that this year.

I have a stupid busy day today which is why I am blogging in the morning at stupid o clock. If anyone else can be at my house by 9ish and wants to do my day for me, then come on over!

Take care


  1. whenever you're ready to go to uni and do a levels etc, should be when you do it :] so, even if you'll be 22 when you start uni - it's still awesome you're gonna do it!

    hope you have a good day! :] xxx

  2. Medical school at 22 is awesome! That really is amazing! keep up the good work.

  3. Haha I call 22 old all the time.. I'm 19 and I'm fearing the day my age doesn't end in -teen!
    Good luck at school!

  4. I love this post! You're so so very motivating. <3