Saturday, 4 June 2011

Smiles, Tears, Stars and Rainbows

Title sounds pretty doesn't it?

Today's been kind of boring. I haven't noticed how boring weekends are when you don't go on nights out. Sigh.
I'm being a saddo and playing Facebook games whilst watching  listening to the TV. I would much rather be out and about with a glass of vodka and oj... The joys of having no money and a frozen bank acocunt.

Anyone else having a boring weekend?

I just noticed the guy I was super best friends with in primary school is gay. Or at the least bi since he has had a girlfriend. I used to have the biggest crush on him but only noticed once I went to a different high school. I should have guess he was gay though. I mean, he did dance and gymnastics with me, loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer and we actually used to play our own version of the game.
We were really cool 7 year olds haha. :D Thinking back, I miss them days. I barely knew what my ED really was and my friends back then were epic. Plus school was pip squeak!

Growing up is boring. Scary. I don't want to grow up because it means being an adult. Obviously I want to do all the grown up things like university and that, but it'd be cool if I could do all that and stay 18 for life. Life would be good if you had that option.

Righto. I'm going to carry on being super boring.

Take care.


  1. Being an adult stops being fun after a while. When you do all the "new" legal things, and then have to start paying bills. :( I'm having a boring weekend at home too, though vodka and oj does sound amazing! I wish I could afford some.

  2. I hope your okay honey. <3
    my weekend is yes boring, I worked all of yesterday; I hate it.
    I completely see your point about growing up, I don't even want to leave school let alone college :( Scary times :/ :/
    Look after yourself
    x x x x

  3. Heh, sorry to hear about the no-money and frozen bank account :P

    i had a very boring weekend, and now i'm looking forward to a very boring week. i actually played and finished a game of monopoly today i got so bored lol :P

    Haha, you sound like an awesome 7 year old ;]
    Aww sorry to hear you miss those young'n days >.< i don't really want to grow up either lol.

    take care sweetie, xxxxx