Saturday, 11 June 2011

Pajamas and smiles

I'm still in my pj's lol. I just had to spellcheck pajamas too to make sure it was spelt right.

Grrr Blogger is doing the thing of not letting me comment as me. It makes me sign in (which I already am or I would not be writing this), takes me back to the blog and says I am an anon.
Wanker. I have 3 replies copied onto onto Word until I can post them haha.

Why is spellcheck on? And why can I add my location? Weirdness.

I can't say I have done anything of interest. I went out with friends last night and am again tonight. Well out for a while and then to a friends birthday party. After my bore of a weekend last week, I want this one to be semi interesting.

I need a coffee. I am freezing! It might look warm but brr.
My friend just informed me he is only just going to bed. Why he thought I needed to know or why I thought you all needed to know is beyond me. I just thought I would enlighten you to how dumb my friends can be. Bed at 11am. What's next? Breakfast at 6pm?

Take care


  1. i used to have that problem with blogger. you need to sign out, sign back in, and when you sign back in don't click "remember me" :] then it works :]

    heh, hope you have a good weekend :]


  2. Aw love lazy days! Enjoy them!

  3. Your friends schedule sounds a little bit like mine haha :) Just all screwed up.

    I'm still in my PJ's and its 5pm.. well, the outfit I wore yesterday that I slept in haha

    Hope you're doing well :)