Sunday, 19 June 2011

Meet the mod/me

We have an idea on PT where the mods are going to post about themselves. I'm going to post mine on my blog just because I can. :P

"I'm Run. Well obviously I have a proper name and quite a few people know it, but we'll stick to Run for now. I am 18 and from Leeds in the UK and yes, my DP is me on PT. Bleh stuff it. I'm Kristina. Nice to meet you.

I have been on PT for just over a year on my current account. I used to be on PT back in 2007 when it was just the chatroom and guestbook but I left in 2009 for a while and deleted the account I had. I miss them days when PT was much smaller. I did come back at some point in 2009 but quickly left again.

I am a student right now and working on all the qualifications I will need to go to medical school in either 2014 or 2015. It all depends, but medical school has been my goal since I was a child and I fully intend on doing it. I just have to catch up with GCSE's since a broken arm and the eating disorder just completely threw me off course education wise.

I have always been strange around food and couldn't eat certain things growing up. Plus I was and still am a fussy cow when it comes to food. If I don't like it, then I am not trying it.

I've never been diagnosed with an eating disorder. There has always been concerns from doctors and teachers, but I always refused to go to the doctors and I had a mother who didn't force me. I guess in a way that is everyones dream with an ED. Nobody to force you to confront it. I wish I had been forced to confront it though. This has been going on 12 years too long.

I am probably one of the biggest girl drinkers you'll ever meet (come to Leeds and we'll go on a night out. It'll be fun. ) and am really sarcastic. Being sarcastic helps me not take things too serious. Even when I should take it serious. Oops. I am a huge clean freak and cannot stand it when my apartment isn't really clean. It actually drives me mad because everything has it's own place and shouldn't be out of that place unless I am using it. I'm a little obsessive if you haven't noticed. But we all have our quirks right?

I am a perfectionist. I have to have the perfect grades and everything. I guess I would be a poster child for eating disorders. I'm also a nerd. I love maths, science and reading and writing. Plus I love running, gymnastics, dance and ballet too. I have to stay pretty active because I have to much energy. Yeah the girl with the ED has too much energy. But I bounce off of walls if I don't do something each day.

Something I love outside of everything else I do is politics and debating. I am so passionate about politics and love it when people challenge my opinion on things. I may not be right, but I will agrue until the end just to prove the other person also isn't right. ;]

I love music. I actually think it keeps me going most days. I'm not into most of the generic mainstream stuff around now though. It just doesn't interest me and it all sounds the same.

I am not too bad with advice but never take my own. It's weird I know.

I want to be recovered or at least much better in my eating ways before I go to medical school or at least by the time I have finished it. I don't want to be that 40 odd something year old who looks back and realises I didn't enjoy my youth or my time at uni and wasted it on something so... Stupid. I already look back at myself from the age of 6 and completely regret that I wasted my teen years on this. And for what? I can't even answer that. I don't want to be a person who regrets everything they never did and everything they did do.

If you can possibly want to know more just ask. I don't bite. Not even when hungry."

So that is me. Well I cut half of it out because it was already mega long haha. I'll do a proper post later on tonight and I'll read blogs then if they have shown back up by then that is.Right now I have to teach my dumb uncle how to get the bbq started. Men!

Take Care.


  1. hey :] i like this :]

    leeds is actually in my top 5 choices of unis :]

    i know what you mean about the "clean freak" thing lol :P

    hahahaa also i love - "I may not be right, but I will agrue until the end just to prove the other person also isn't right. ;]"

    take care, xxxx

  2. Hi You :) Nice to meet ya! What branch of medicine are you aiming for?

  3. I should do something like this... I wouldn't do it on PT either... I'd prolly do it here on blogger.
    Nice to learn more about you!