Wednesday, 1 June 2011

June = Nearly summer?

Summer starts in 20 days. I do think we got summer in April because we have stuffed up weather, but I'm hoping for more good weather because I am frozen. I am sort of looking forward to wearing dresses though. Maybe even shorts if I stop binging.

I have this right pain in my lung/heart/chest area. It's kinda painful and I can't see my doctor until Friday at least. *pulls hair out* Knowing the NHS, my appointment won't be until next week. Ah well. I have my right side lol. Can't be too serious =)

I need to reply to comments on PT. I keep putting it off and doing everything else, but it is about time I replied. I am terrible at it these days. I get bored after 4 comments though and they come back twice as fast as I can reply.

Right. I hope everyone has had a good... Wednesday day. It doesn't feel like a Wed nes day.

Take care

1 comment:

  1. Love that dress, are you buying it?
    I agree with you about Summer, but for us Summer is usually basically that one sunny week in july..

    I hope you are ok, that it's not too bad :/ and that it's something they can sort out for you.
    Good luck. (:

    Have a goood thursday!