Saturday, 25 June 2011

Don't you just hate it...

 When you are texting people and have to work super hard to make sure the conversation continues? I'm having 3 text conversations and 1 bbm one and only 1 of my friends has the ability to carry a conversation.

Somebody shoot me please?

My friend is coming over at some point today so I can help him move some stuff he left at my place to his place. He didn't give a time though and it is like nearly 5am right now and I've not slept. I don't want to fall asleep and he come at a stupid time. Men hey?

I have to go to the dentist on Thursday. I was meant to go Thursday just gone but I forgot all about my appointment. Maybe that was due to not getting home until after 8am and being kinda, sort of, a little, very drunk? The sucky part is when I am drunk my tooth doesn't hurt but obviously I can't stay drunk for an entire week until I get my tooth taken out haha.

But yes. My tooth broke whilst eating something soft. Can't even remember what it was. But thank you years of purging. You really have screwed my teeth up. Blah.
Ooh I can ask to have my really far back teeth taken out then. Pre molars? Yeah whatever they are I want taken out. My mouth simpily isn't big enough for 28 teeth. The irony of me not having a big enough mouth. :P I can ask about braces too. Ooh isn't my life exciting? ;]

I'm so bored. I have 3 entire months to fill. 3 months. I have no idea how I am going to fill it. I mean, sure, I could always use them time to be more active and lose weight blah blah blah... I could also do more interesting things too. I'll probably end up doing option 1 like normal. It's always more fun to go back to college much smaller and have millions of questions thrown at you. :|

Okay. I need a sarcasm font. The entire internet needs one. Maybe I can make one one day and become a billionaire. Be richer than Bill Gates. *insert evil laugh*

I'm going on about stupid things now. I tend to do that when I am bored.

I just thought. At least it will be tutors I have never met before asking questions. Always so much more fun when it's people who don't know you and have only seen you twice before at a higher weight. Isn't it lovely to cause concern amongst people?

Okay I'll stop being a sarcy little shit right now. The idea of new tutors makes me miss my old ones though. I'm not a huge fan of change especially when it comes to people. At least when it comes to people you spend everyday (nearly) with. It sounds (and looks) weird when you think about the fact you spend everyday with the same adults.

I'm going to stop typing. I'm not making much sense when I read what I have written.

Take care.


  1. make a sarcasm font. get rich. marry me. :3 rich and sarcastic together! we'll have all the friends in the world.
    i want three months to get thin... fuck. D:

    ly, giiiirl. x

  2. I just had a tooth pulled Monday! I had one pulled out one other time my a wisdom tooth decided to move in. And the stupid dentist office who pulled out the first tooth tried telling me that my wisdom tooth was not my wisdom tooth. They tried to tell me that I only had 3 wisdom teeth. I don't have a big mouth either. I had braces and I had to have this thing to sort of stretch my mouth out a little wider. I think I would have rather had a couple teeth pulled to make room... As for how to fill your 3 months, find fun ways to work out. I don't know what there is to do where you live, but there might be some pretty cool places to go hike or go canoeing or rock climbing (I've never been rock climbing but I want to) or something. Then you can have fun and lose weight. And you can try to make a sarcasm font in those 3 months.

  3. I totally hate having to be the one to carry on the conversation. It's like "seriously? Can't you come up with something to say?" >.<
    I like the idea for a sarcastic font. Def let me know what you come up with. :)

  4. I'll trade you my job and take your 3 months of freedom if you get too bored. :D

    Good luck at the dentist!! You're so brave, actually thinking of asking him to take teeth out and give you braces info?!? I'm impressed!!


  5. gah, i know what you mean by when you text people and they just don't keep the conversation going >.<

    i hope the dentist goes well :] sorry to hear purging is messing up your teeth so much >.<

    heh, i can definitely see you making a sarcasm font ;] maybe that's what you can do for the next 3 months? make a sarcasm font!

    take care xxxx