Thursday, 2 June 2011

Day out

I had a dream about my tutor when I feel asleep this morning. It was so weird because it was my high school one, not my college one. Not that I dream about my college tutor... often. lol.
It freaked me out when I saw him in town this afternoon though. I was back at high school in my dream though and I had a broken arm. I was older though and seemed to be doing a weird visit back there as though I was famous? So strange.

He did look pretty hot in both the dream and real life. :P

Anyway I went for lunch with D and A today and had pasta. It isn't a favourite food of mine, but it's hard finding decent vegetarian food when you go to certain places. It's been a while since I have had lunch out with friends.
We ended up going to Starbucks after lunch for one drink, but D left me and A before we ordered our drinks because of the annoying girlfriend. Now I have no problem at all with my ex having a girlfriend (we broke up ages ago) but she is so bloody needy. I was never that needy. I don't think..
Anyhoo. Quite a few drinks and a long conversation later with A (I feel weird calling them by their initials haha), I felt quite good actually. We completely took the piss out of B (D's girlfriend) and had a really good laugh.

I got home around 4pm or something and logged onto PT. I've pretty much been on the site since then. I spend way too much time on there but I like the people. They are much nicer than half the people I have one Facebook/Fuckbook/Borebook. Whichever takes your fancy. The amount of people I have seen on there tonight that are super drunk after a few alcopops... Makes me giggle lol. I couldn't take them on a night out. I also get puzzled at how they can log onto Facebook and all like "Ohn I am sooNo Durniok!" No dudes. You just can't spell and are quite pathetic really.

I started this hours ago and then shut the window haha. It's like 3am now and I've only just finished it. Oh wells.

Take care.



  1. You posted it! :)
    The tutor thing would freak me out too!
    you're psychic.

    Needy girlfriends annoy me too.
    Needy boyfriends annoy me even more, especially if they are mine.

    .. & That's why I don't have facebook. lool.
    I like the people too.

    haha, I swear, some people get drunk from the smell.


  2. I'm glad you had fun. = ]

    [I spend more time on PT than facebook too... :D]