Saturday, 25 June 2011

Don't you just hate it...

 When you are texting people and have to work super hard to make sure the conversation continues? I'm having 3 text conversations and 1 bbm one and only 1 of my friends has the ability to carry a conversation.

Somebody shoot me please?

My friend is coming over at some point today so I can help him move some stuff he left at my place to his place. He didn't give a time though and it is like nearly 5am right now and I've not slept. I don't want to fall asleep and he come at a stupid time. Men hey?

I have to go to the dentist on Thursday. I was meant to go Thursday just gone but I forgot all about my appointment. Maybe that was due to not getting home until after 8am and being kinda, sort of, a little, very drunk? The sucky part is when I am drunk my tooth doesn't hurt but obviously I can't stay drunk for an entire week until I get my tooth taken out haha.

But yes. My tooth broke whilst eating something soft. Can't even remember what it was. But thank you years of purging. You really have screwed my teeth up. Blah.
Ooh I can ask to have my really far back teeth taken out then. Pre molars? Yeah whatever they are I want taken out. My mouth simpily isn't big enough for 28 teeth. The irony of me not having a big enough mouth. :P I can ask about braces too. Ooh isn't my life exciting? ;]

I'm so bored. I have 3 entire months to fill. 3 months. I have no idea how I am going to fill it. I mean, sure, I could always use them time to be more active and lose weight blah blah blah... I could also do more interesting things too. I'll probably end up doing option 1 like normal. It's always more fun to go back to college much smaller and have millions of questions thrown at you. :|

Okay. I need a sarcasm font. The entire internet needs one. Maybe I can make one one day and become a billionaire. Be richer than Bill Gates. *insert evil laugh*

I'm going on about stupid things now. I tend to do that when I am bored.

I just thought. At least it will be tutors I have never met before asking questions. Always so much more fun when it's people who don't know you and have only seen you twice before at a higher weight. Isn't it lovely to cause concern amongst people?

Okay I'll stop being a sarcy little shit right now. The idea of new tutors makes me miss my old ones though. I'm not a huge fan of change especially when it comes to people. At least when it comes to people you spend everyday (nearly) with. It sounds (and looks) weird when you think about the fact you spend everyday with the same adults.

I'm going to stop typing. I'm not making much sense when I read what I have written.

Take care.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I'm tired of this already

I cannot deal with people. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Fricking ever! Most annoying pieces of crap on this stupid planet. Not all, but most.

I can't wait to go home tomorrow.

Moving on anyway. I can't even remember what I was going to blog about lol. I was probably going to moan about eating to much and PT being somewhere I don't like too much lately and other stuff that I tend to go on about. I'm a little predictable sometimes. :)

The weekend wasn't too bad. Saturday I spent with Rising/Charlotte and we went to some weird little Pride thing (Seriously, the one in Leeds better be much better than the Bradford and Halifax ones!)and when I got back there was a chinese (well, egg fried rice and chips lol) waiting for me. Then on Sunday we had a bbq which I think I briefly mentioned in my last post on here. It wasn't bad I guess. I've got to admit I spent most of the time on the computer and away from people because I always tend to do that.

All in all though I guess it wasn't as bad a weekend as it could have been.

Does anyone else look at friends from primary school or high school or college or wherever and get completely jealous about the fact they are doing something with their life? I find it annoying most of the time. Especially when it is the people who never wanted to do anything imparticular either. It's so irritating.

I'm tired of this already. I'm tired of the ED. I'm tired of all the other shit. I'm just not tired of it enough to change it. That sucks. A lot.

I can't be bothered writing this out anymore. Plus I am hungry. Blah.

I think I might get in my pj's and watch cartoons or something. Something that doesn't require me to think much. I'd go for a long walk but it's 1am and I guess it isn't too smart ot go out alone at this time of night. Morning? I think I'll go for one in a few hours though.

Toomi: Either Orthopeadics and Trauma or Accident and Emergency. Then again, I could change my mind throughout medical school I guess.

Lillers: You should apply to Leeds Uni (whichever one really) and I can corrupt you then. ;] haha.

Take care

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Meet the mod/me

We have an idea on PT where the mods are going to post about themselves. I'm going to post mine on my blog just because I can. :P

"I'm Run. Well obviously I have a proper name and quite a few people know it, but we'll stick to Run for now. I am 18 and from Leeds in the UK and yes, my DP is me on PT. Bleh stuff it. I'm Kristina. Nice to meet you.

I have been on PT for just over a year on my current account. I used to be on PT back in 2007 when it was just the chatroom and guestbook but I left in 2009 for a while and deleted the account I had. I miss them days when PT was much smaller. I did come back at some point in 2009 but quickly left again.

I am a student right now and working on all the qualifications I will need to go to medical school in either 2014 or 2015. It all depends, but medical school has been my goal since I was a child and I fully intend on doing it. I just have to catch up with GCSE's since a broken arm and the eating disorder just completely threw me off course education wise.

I have always been strange around food and couldn't eat certain things growing up. Plus I was and still am a fussy cow when it comes to food. If I don't like it, then I am not trying it.

I've never been diagnosed with an eating disorder. There has always been concerns from doctors and teachers, but I always refused to go to the doctors and I had a mother who didn't force me. I guess in a way that is everyones dream with an ED. Nobody to force you to confront it. I wish I had been forced to confront it though. This has been going on 12 years too long.

I am probably one of the biggest girl drinkers you'll ever meet (come to Leeds and we'll go on a night out. It'll be fun. ) and am really sarcastic. Being sarcastic helps me not take things too serious. Even when I should take it serious. Oops. I am a huge clean freak and cannot stand it when my apartment isn't really clean. It actually drives me mad because everything has it's own place and shouldn't be out of that place unless I am using it. I'm a little obsessive if you haven't noticed. But we all have our quirks right?

I am a perfectionist. I have to have the perfect grades and everything. I guess I would be a poster child for eating disorders. I'm also a nerd. I love maths, science and reading and writing. Plus I love running, gymnastics, dance and ballet too. I have to stay pretty active because I have to much energy. Yeah the girl with the ED has too much energy. But I bounce off of walls if I don't do something each day.

Something I love outside of everything else I do is politics and debating. I am so passionate about politics and love it when people challenge my opinion on things. I may not be right, but I will agrue until the end just to prove the other person also isn't right. ;]

I love music. I actually think it keeps me going most days. I'm not into most of the generic mainstream stuff around now though. It just doesn't interest me and it all sounds the same.

I am not too bad with advice but never take my own. It's weird I know.

I want to be recovered or at least much better in my eating ways before I go to medical school or at least by the time I have finished it. I don't want to be that 40 odd something year old who looks back and realises I didn't enjoy my youth or my time at uni and wasted it on something so... Stupid. I already look back at myself from the age of 6 and completely regret that I wasted my teen years on this. And for what? I can't even answer that. I don't want to be a person who regrets everything they never did and everything they did do.

If you can possibly want to know more just ask. I don't bite. Not even when hungry."

So that is me. Well I cut half of it out because it was already mega long haha. I'll do a proper post later on tonight and I'll read blogs then if they have shown back up by then that is.Right now I have to teach my dumb uncle how to get the bbq started. Men!

Take Care.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Not such a great idea

Word of advice. Do not weigh yourself in Boots on a night out. It's not a good idea and I have not idea why I did it. I'll blame it on the alcohol because I am not dumb enough to willingly do that.. I don't think I am anyway.

I can comment on blogs again! Woo. To a point anyway. It still makes me sign in every 2 blogs or something, but it is better than not signing me in at all. So I think I may have to profess my love for LilyZara since she told me how to be able to comment haha.

I puked this weekend. Not on purpose though because I haven't done that in months. It just came back out. It pissed me off for some reason. Still, I had a pretty good weekend. Much better than the bore that was last week.
I'm off to dinner tonight. No idea why I agreed... Ahh now I remember. I shouldn't listen to people that ask me things when drunk. :P I think people have become to realise that I won't agree to go to dinner if they ask normally. My excuse is because most vegetarian food actually sucks in restruants, plus it always comes with tomatoes, mushrooms and onions. Them 3 foods are just eww in my opinion.

I hope everyone is having a good start to the week.

Take care

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Pajamas and smiles

I'm still in my pj's lol. I just had to spellcheck pajamas too to make sure it was spelt right.

Grrr Blogger is doing the thing of not letting me comment as me. It makes me sign in (which I already am or I would not be writing this), takes me back to the blog and says I am an anon.
Wanker. I have 3 replies copied onto onto Word until I can post them haha.

Why is spellcheck on? And why can I add my location? Weirdness.

I can't say I have done anything of interest. I went out with friends last night and am again tonight. Well out for a while and then to a friends birthday party. After my bore of a weekend last week, I want this one to be semi interesting.

I need a coffee. I am freezing! It might look warm but brr.
My friend just informed me he is only just going to bed. Why he thought I needed to know or why I thought you all needed to know is beyond me. I just thought I would enlighten you to how dumb my friends can be. Bed at 11am. What's next? Breakfast at 6pm?

Take care

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Sunshine and smiles

I'm getting creative naming these things aren't I?

I have woken up in such a good mood. I actually feel really happy and smiley and it's weird!
Weird to me at least. Regular people would think I was mad for finding it weird.
I think it's got something to do with the lovely weather here at the moment.

And my college interview. I never even mentioned it on my blog but it went really well.
I've just got to go back and do some exam things to see what level I am at and then I start in September.
I'm kind of excited. I won't be as excited if my course takes 2 years though. Well I won't mind. It just means that after this course and A levels, I won't get to go to medical school until I am 22!
Kind of old haha. No offence if anyone is that age. I've just never imagined being that age. Looking at ut though, it is kind of a good thing. If things hadn't gotten in the way of high school and all that, I'd be going to study it this year. I can honestly say that I wouldn't feel ready to be doing that this year.

I have a stupid busy day today which is why I am blogging in the morning at stupid o clock. If anyone else can be at my house by 9ish and wants to do my day for me, then come on over!

Take care

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Smiles, Tears, Stars and Rainbows

Title sounds pretty doesn't it?

Today's been kind of boring. I haven't noticed how boring weekends are when you don't go on nights out. Sigh.
I'm being a saddo and playing Facebook games whilst watching  listening to the TV. I would much rather be out and about with a glass of vodka and oj... The joys of having no money and a frozen bank acocunt.

Anyone else having a boring weekend?

I just noticed the guy I was super best friends with in primary school is gay. Or at the least bi since he has had a girlfriend. I used to have the biggest crush on him but only noticed once I went to a different high school. I should have guess he was gay though. I mean, he did dance and gymnastics with me, loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer and we actually used to play our own version of the game.
We were really cool 7 year olds haha. :D Thinking back, I miss them days. I barely knew what my ED really was and my friends back then were epic. Plus school was pip squeak!

Growing up is boring. Scary. I don't want to grow up because it means being an adult. Obviously I want to do all the grown up things like university and that, but it'd be cool if I could do all that and stay 18 for life. Life would be good if you had that option.

Righto. I'm going to carry on being super boring.

Take care.

Friday, 3 June 2011


Today sucked!

People are stupid!

I haven't slept in well over 35 hours.

I'm off to bed.

Take care

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Day out

I had a dream about my tutor when I feel asleep this morning. It was so weird because it was my high school one, not my college one. Not that I dream about my college tutor... often. lol.
It freaked me out when I saw him in town this afternoon though. I was back at high school in my dream though and I had a broken arm. I was older though and seemed to be doing a weird visit back there as though I was famous? So strange.

He did look pretty hot in both the dream and real life. :P

Anyway I went for lunch with D and A today and had pasta. It isn't a favourite food of mine, but it's hard finding decent vegetarian food when you go to certain places. It's been a while since I have had lunch out with friends.
We ended up going to Starbucks after lunch for one drink, but D left me and A before we ordered our drinks because of the annoying girlfriend. Now I have no problem at all with my ex having a girlfriend (we broke up ages ago) but she is so bloody needy. I was never that needy. I don't think..
Anyhoo. Quite a few drinks and a long conversation later with A (I feel weird calling them by their initials haha), I felt quite good actually. We completely took the piss out of B (D's girlfriend) and had a really good laugh.

I got home around 4pm or something and logged onto PT. I've pretty much been on the site since then. I spend way too much time on there but I like the people. They are much nicer than half the people I have one Facebook/Fuckbook/Borebook. Whichever takes your fancy. The amount of people I have seen on there tonight that are super drunk after a few alcopops... Makes me giggle lol. I couldn't take them on a night out. I also get puzzled at how they can log onto Facebook and all like "Ohn I am sooNo Durniok!" No dudes. You just can't spell and are quite pathetic really.

I started this hours ago and then shut the window haha. It's like 3am now and I've only just finished it. Oh wells.

Take care.


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

June = Nearly summer?

Summer starts in 20 days. I do think we got summer in April because we have stuffed up weather, but I'm hoping for more good weather because I am frozen. I am sort of looking forward to wearing dresses though. Maybe even shorts if I stop binging.

I have this right pain in my lung/heart/chest area. It's kinda painful and I can't see my doctor until Friday at least. *pulls hair out* Knowing the NHS, my appointment won't be until next week. Ah well. I have my right side lol. Can't be too serious =)

I need to reply to comments on PT. I keep putting it off and doing everything else, but it is about time I replied. I am terrible at it these days. I get bored after 4 comments though and they come back twice as fast as I can reply.

Right. I hope everyone has had a good... Wednesday day. It doesn't feel like a Wed nes day.

Take care