Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Job interview

Why did I agree to apply there? Working at McDonalds is my idea of hell. Working with my auntie and her friends is an even bigger idea of hell. See I don't talk a lot to my family. I don't mean in the I avoid them way. (well I do but this is different) I mean I really don't talk outloud a lot to them. Actually I don't talk outloud to most people. Damn anxiety.

Wow I feel so nervous and anxious and stressed about a stupid interview. Jesus Christ. I've only known about it for 30 minutes haha. 30 minutes. Ugh. The interview is tomorrow and somehow I have to buy black trousers, proper black shoes and something else before 10:40 in the morning. 10 bloody 40 am! Fuck my stupid life.

I seriously need to stop feeling anxious. It's making my heart feel like it needs to come out of my mouth haha.

Onto the blog anyway. I managed to get some of my files back. Not my stupid college work though. At least I have the most of my files back though. I can take doing work again... To a point. It's keeping me busy at the very least. Unfortunately it isn't stopping me from binging. My friend brought loads of junk food this morning to replace the crap she ate at the weekend. I didn't want it back woman!

I have the PT meet with a few people on Saturday. Scary stuff. I'll either be a giggling person or the super quiet one for around 20 minutes haha.

[2 hours later]

I forgot about this. "/ Actually I don't have much else to add. All I have planned for tonight is dying my hair and attempting to find the stupid national insurance card, letters and that thingy you get when you're born. A... Birth certificate!

Take care x


  1. good luck with the pt meet.
    let us know how it goes!!

  2. Good luck Hope it all went better than expected.
    Glad you got some files back.. but that's still a major bitch. :/

    Waaw a pt meet up haha, Who's all going? (:
    [Even though if they're new i wont know them]

    Well good luck again.

  3. Don't feel so anxious hunny! I know it's so much easier said than done, but just breathe! If you're meant to get the job, you'll get it! Just take your time and don't overthink things!

  4. Good luck on your job interview. Deep breaths.

  5. Hope the job interview goes/went well. I don't have a real job and don't have very much money. xP it'll be nice to have some.
    loveyou. <3

  6. How did it go? :]

    Hope the PT meet is good!

    Take care, xxxx

  7. Good luck on the job interview!! Being nervous can be a good thing for stuff like that--you'll be more focused on making a good impression and whatnot.

    Hope you have fun at the PT meet. <3


  8. I worked at wendy's for 3 months in highschool. I got fress salad every night. That is all I would eat the entire next day (minus dressing). It was a small perk!!! no buying food yea! lol