Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Okay. So to answer Scotties question, on the PT meet we basically just met up and went to Yates and chatted about multiple things. Then we went on the longest trip to Bradford I have been on in my life haha. xD We went to the Gay Pride there which was... Interesting to say the least. One woman seemed to think she was Mariah Carey. I think the alcohol may have had something to do with her being so deluded though. Bless her soul for trying so hard though. It entertained us for quite some time.
Then a couple of hours later Alba and Jeweliet caught the train back home and me and Rising stayed in Bradford at this cocktail bar until I went back to Leeds to go to a friends 21st.

So moving on.
 I am so annoyed that I have not had a chance to weigh myself since... Friday. I don't quite understand how people can go forever without weighing themselves. It is driving me mad a little bit.
Talking of driving me mad, so is not being able to reply to Galinda on PT. The things lets me reply once this morning after weeks of not being able to, and now it is back to being retarded. [;

Oh, and I'm a moderator on PT now. :]

My friends D and A are coming over tonight. We are meant to be doing some form of homework. I kind of see it turning into something revolving around alcohol. It always seems to... Ah well. I don't have anything to do tomorrow anyway apart from grocery shopping, but that can always happen later on in the day.

Have a good night people.

Take care


  1. Congrats for becoming a mod! yay :-D we need awesome mods. The meet sounds like ti was a lot of fun.

  2. Ahh that sounds lile fun :] glad You had a good time :]

    That's awesome you're a mod now! :]

    Hope you have a good night, xxxxx

  3. Aww bles ya Run.
    Indulging my nosiness when I'm not even on pt anymore!
    Long time no being called Scottie! hehe. :D
    Sounds cool.. and funny haha. I think I know all those folk you met.. (well "know"?) lol.

    I hated when pt was a bitch, but the same for blogger.. It really is a bitch sometimes.

    I haven't weighed myself in over a year.
    Impressive huh? ;) lol.
    Nah I got my scale taken away and now I'm too scared to weigh at the gym, haha.
    Still, hope you're not too stressed over it. :/

    Yass! you'll be such a good mod. Seriously.

    Hope your night was good & your morning wasn't too rough, haha.