Monday, 30 May 2011

2 days of May left

I'm still drunk. How on earth am I still drunk? Oh well.

I've had a pretty decent weekend with friends. That is actually all I have to write. I haven't done anything of interest... Well, that is kind of questionble lol, but I don't think I'll spill all that with blogger. ;]

As anyone noticed how fast this year is going?! Before I know it I am going to be tied down with proper college again. 3 months or so until my course starts. It's like that dreaded countdown everyone has before going back to school and they don't want to go back fat. I also don't want to go back dumb lol. I've not done certain subjects since high school. I might actually go to the library over the summer holidays and brush up on things. Yes I am proving I am a nerd, but who wants to be dumb?

I'm not into posting pictures of slim celebrities, but I must admit I envy her stomach hugely! Or maybe I envy the fact she is wearing a bikini without any care.

Anyway I should go and do something usefull. Job hunt or watch tv or make a drink... I'm heading towards the latter two. :P

Take care.

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  1. It's great that you had such a lovely weekend! Nothing beats a night out with friends.

    The year is flying by! I think Spring skipped us completely. I was cold and then -BAM- hot Summer. I feel like Autumn is going to hit at any time. LOL. :)