Monday, 30 May 2011

2 days of May left

I'm still drunk. How on earth am I still drunk? Oh well.

I've had a pretty decent weekend with friends. That is actually all I have to write. I haven't done anything of interest... Well, that is kind of questionble lol, but I don't think I'll spill all that with blogger. ;]

As anyone noticed how fast this year is going?! Before I know it I am going to be tied down with proper college again. 3 months or so until my course starts. It's like that dreaded countdown everyone has before going back to school and they don't want to go back fat. I also don't want to go back dumb lol. I've not done certain subjects since high school. I might actually go to the library over the summer holidays and brush up on things. Yes I am proving I am a nerd, but who wants to be dumb?

I'm not into posting pictures of slim celebrities, but I must admit I envy her stomach hugely! Or maybe I envy the fact she is wearing a bikini without any care.

Anyway I should go and do something usefull. Job hunt or watch tv or make a drink... I'm heading towards the latter two. :P

Take care.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Okay. So to answer Scotties question, on the PT meet we basically just met up and went to Yates and chatted about multiple things. Then we went on the longest trip to Bradford I have been on in my life haha. xD We went to the Gay Pride there which was... Interesting to say the least. One woman seemed to think she was Mariah Carey. I think the alcohol may have had something to do with her being so deluded though. Bless her soul for trying so hard though. It entertained us for quite some time.
Then a couple of hours later Alba and Jeweliet caught the train back home and me and Rising stayed in Bradford at this cocktail bar until I went back to Leeds to go to a friends 21st.

So moving on.
 I am so annoyed that I have not had a chance to weigh myself since... Friday. I don't quite understand how people can go forever without weighing themselves. It is driving me mad a little bit.
Talking of driving me mad, so is not being able to reply to Galinda on PT. The things lets me reply once this morning after weeks of not being able to, and now it is back to being retarded. [;

Oh, and I'm a moderator on PT now. :]

My friends D and A are coming over tonight. We are meant to be doing some form of homework. I kind of see it turning into something revolving around alcohol. It always seems to... Ah well. I don't have anything to do tomorrow anyway apart from grocery shopping, but that can always happen later on in the day.

Have a good night people.

Take care

Sunday, 22 May 2011

PT meet

It was actually really good. It would have been super awkward if we had all hated each other haha. But it was so fun and they are all actually super lovely.

Oh, the job interview! It was totally cool and I knew the woman I was actually answering questions to. I got my knickers in a twist for nothing. ;] I just have to keep checking my email or phone for a reply. They are kind of retard with phoning me and won't tell my auntie anythning since we are related. Pfft. I don't care though. 'Tis only a job and that.

I have to go out again tonight. It's my friends 21st. I'm starting to think I know too many people because it always seems to be someones birthday or they are celebrating something. It was end of exams party last night for some of my friends. I still have one tomorrow, so I should do some revision. It should be pretty easy though. I suspect it will all mainly on stuff we've done in class.. I hope.

Righto. I should go and do something productive with whatever is left of my day.
I hope you guys have had a good weekend.

Take care.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Job interview

Why did I agree to apply there? Working at McDonalds is my idea of hell. Working with my auntie and her friends is an even bigger idea of hell. See I don't talk a lot to my family. I don't mean in the I avoid them way. (well I do but this is different) I mean I really don't talk outloud a lot to them. Actually I don't talk outloud to most people. Damn anxiety.

Wow I feel so nervous and anxious and stressed about a stupid interview. Jesus Christ. I've only known about it for 30 minutes haha. 30 minutes. Ugh. The interview is tomorrow and somehow I have to buy black trousers, proper black shoes and something else before 10:40 in the morning. 10 bloody 40 am! Fuck my stupid life.

I seriously need to stop feeling anxious. It's making my heart feel like it needs to come out of my mouth haha.

Onto the blog anyway. I managed to get some of my files back. Not my stupid college work though. At least I have the most of my files back though. I can take doing work again... To a point. It's keeping me busy at the very least. Unfortunately it isn't stopping me from binging. My friend brought loads of junk food this morning to replace the crap she ate at the weekend. I didn't want it back woman!

I have the PT meet with a few people on Saturday. Scary stuff. I'll either be a giggling person or the super quiet one for around 20 minutes haha.

[2 hours later]

I forgot about this. "/ Actually I don't have much else to add. All I have planned for tonight is dying my hair and attempting to find the stupid national insurance card, letters and that thingy you get when you're born. A... Birth certificate!

Take care x

Monday, 16 May 2011

Got a gun?

My computer deleted everything. Everything. I had thousands of songs. Loads of things written up. A bazillion photographs. I don't even think I had everything save on a usb thing. I had a 12 page essay, 2500 word essay and a presentation on it for college due for Wednesday. SHOOT ME!

Saturday, 7 May 2011


Ooh the tummy feels rough. I was going to go for a walk today but it is raining. Or was raining. I've not looked out of the window for a while. So I think I will spend my saturday doing my stupid amount of work that I have put off doing. The joys of being a student right? Have you ever looked back at what you've eaten over a period of time and wondered how you could eat so little and weigh so much? It makes you think doesn't it? I have nothing else to say. Nothing exciting as happened lately, not that it ever does. Oh yeah. I have red hair again. [: Take care. xxxx

Monday, 2 May 2011

May [:

It feels a little bit weird to say it is a new month. I mean, the fifth month of the year. Time is going to fast in my opinion. It'll be Christmas again before I know it haha. I can't remember if I said this a few weeks ago, but I went to donate blood and couldn't. Iron and stuff too low which means non stopBold visits to the new doctor. *I have to give them the passport tomorrow. I need to remember that* Anyway, that means I can get my tattoo's before I was going to. I get my rib piece one in August I think. I am off with 2 of my aunties when they get their tattoo of something. I think Sarah is getting a thingy of her old cat. I have too many ideas for tattoos I want. They are small in my defence though. :P So, new month, new thoughts. I have kind of decided to keep track of what I eat and how much I exercise and write it all down incase I want to give it to my doctor because I would possibly have an heart attack if I had to say it outloud. ^ That makes me feel nervous just writing that. I don't want recovery at all, I sort of just don't want to lie anymore. But I don't want it on my medical records. And I don't want people to know. See? I make no sense at all. I'm not moving towards recovery in the slightest, I just... I don't know what I want. I just want to be able to say to my doctor "No, I am not okay" y'know? Anyway. Enough of that talk. :P It's making me feel all nervous and anxious. I got asked to go out with friends tonight. I got asked yesterday too, but I decided to stay in. I couldn't refuse tonight too. I should have gone last night since I have college tomorrow, but oh well. I might as well make the most of the Bank Holiday since we won't get another long weekend like this for another... Well forever. Enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend peeps. [: Take care. xxxx