Saturday, 2 April 2011

Why do I never know what to name these?

So it is the lovely weekend. I have no idea what I am going to do. I think I might just do nothing and be completely lazy. :) It'd be a nice change from this week since it has been really busy. On the plus side though, college went really well. I have Alex going on about losing weight and all that again. Now, I really do not understand how men notice these things. I know I wouldn't if I was a guy. At least it isn't directly though. We are doing healthy eating and eating disorders etc at the moment, so it's the "You need to eat such and such.. Too much of this isn't healthy... Too little of that isn't healthy..." You get the idea. It's really irritating to be doing since I know quite a lot on it and can point out when someone is wrong. I swear, it won't be me refusing food and not eating a lot that lets people onto my eating disorder, it'll be me making smart ass comments about stuff like this. Knowledge is not a great thing kids. ;]

Why does it always take me so long to write a post? For some reason I move onto reading other peoples blogs and then facebook and check PT... I've also just noticed it is raining and I have run out of water D: Plus I have also got 3 balls and the t/ball on the Thunderball thing. See? I love distracting myself with everything other than what I am meant to be doing.

The abc is going fine. It's day 12 now. Only 38 to go. It's quite boring now lol. Gosh, I get bored to easy! But it isn't bad and it does help when you see the scales go down. :] I'm down nearly 1 stone since I started, so I am pretty glad to be quite far away from my hw.

And now I am distracted by friend drama via text. Great way to start Saturday morning. *rolls eyes* Why do people always think I can solve their issues? I should stop writing and go and make a cup of coffee before starting to help.

Have a good weekend guys.

Take Care



  1. I know what you mean about getting bored easy, but stick with it, put the boredom to the back of your mind and watch the skinny arrive :) <3

  2. lovely lazy weekend, yay!
    I hate when we do nutritional stuff in biology.. because I already know it all too, completely know what you mean.

    Internet makes it so easy to be distracted though! hehe.

    aagh hope the drama isn't too unbearable. :/
    You have a good weekend Deary!

  3. Holy shit, a stone in 12 days? You rock!