Monday, 4 April 2011

I am so bored..

Of the abc! It is so boring. I have no idea how people can follow diets all the time. I think the reason people give up is because they get bored of it. i can honestly say I do not intend on ever doing another diet again in my life. Ever! Moan over. ;] I found out today that the place that pays my rent of sorts hasn't been paying it. Damn whores. So I have to go to a boring meeting next Tuesday whilst they sort it out. I could have done better things with my day I had to book of college, but life sucks sometimes. Oh yeah. I'm at college all Easter. Every other place has 2 weeks off. I decided to use some of my holidays to book next Monday to Thursday off. It is a major pain in the bum, but next week my living room and bathroom is being redecorated so no choice. Oh great! I have a missed call from an unknown number. I hate it when people do that. How are you meant to know who it is to call them back? People do annoy me. But that was pretty much my day. And lots of travelling which has left me shattered and actually contemplating going to bed. I can't do that though because I have quite a bit of homework to get done tonight. Take care xx

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