Wednesday, 27 April 2011


I should do my college work. I should. It's too tempting not to do it though. I'm sick of hearing about the stupid Royal Wedding. Neither are good looking and there is much more important things happening in the world. I think I will enjoy my Bank Holiday weekend out with friends, drinking too much, having fun and being 18. Shoot! I forgot to go to thee doctors. Blah. I have to find my passport first before I can see a doctor to prove I am who I say I am, even though the passport is out of date. Sadly I cannot leave the UK... Legally at least. ;] But why would I want to pretend to be me? I'd pick someone who has a more exciting life. It's so annoying living two minutes away from the place though. Each time I walk past the building I want to run in and confess everything. You lot should see the amount of alcohol in my kitchen. By Lord, I think my friends are intending to die this weekend. Wine, beer, alcopops, spirits, whisky, shots... The list goes on and I have no space in my kitchen for anything else lol. It's so bad. I must admit the wine is mine from Easter though. I didn't get too much chocolate and sweets. I mainly got shoes and wine. All chocolate I got, I gave away. So to the coursework I go... Take care. xxxx


  1. I agree, too much blab about the royal wedding. And that's even for over here in Canada >.<

    It would be irritating living near the doctors. But I must say, convenient aswell.

    Good luck with the course work.

    Stay safe missy. xo

  2. hmm im sick of hearing about the wedding too. i just wanna see what her dress looks like hehe (:

  3. The younger siblings would have been a better couple lol.

    Tha passport thing sounds like a pointless faff!

    ooh haha have a good weekend! :D