Wednesday, 27 April 2011


I should do my college work. I should. It's too tempting not to do it though. I'm sick of hearing about the stupid Royal Wedding. Neither are good looking and there is much more important things happening in the world. I think I will enjoy my Bank Holiday weekend out with friends, drinking too much, having fun and being 18. Shoot! I forgot to go to thee doctors. Blah. I have to find my passport first before I can see a doctor to prove I am who I say I am, even though the passport is out of date. Sadly I cannot leave the UK... Legally at least. ;] But why would I want to pretend to be me? I'd pick someone who has a more exciting life. It's so annoying living two minutes away from the place though. Each time I walk past the building I want to run in and confess everything. You lot should see the amount of alcohol in my kitchen. By Lord, I think my friends are intending to die this weekend. Wine, beer, alcopops, spirits, whisky, shots... The list goes on and I have no space in my kitchen for anything else lol. It's so bad. I must admit the wine is mine from Easter though. I didn't get too much chocolate and sweets. I mainly got shoes and wine. All chocolate I got, I gave away. So to the coursework I go... Take care. xxxx

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Day 17 and sunshine

It is such a lovely day. I'm sat right in front of my windows watching Charmed. I haven't seen this show since it finished. I don't really have a lot to say today. Well at least nothing interesting. I went for a wee run this morning. It was really nice to do again and even nicer in the sun. I think the only better thing than running in the sun, is running in the rain. Oh and I survived babysitting on Tuesday lol. Just. And that is all I have to say. Well, there is some other boring stuff but it's boring. So I hope everyone is having a good day. Take care.x

Monday, 4 April 2011

I am so bored..

Of the abc! It is so boring. I have no idea how people can follow diets all the time. I think the reason people give up is because they get bored of it. i can honestly say I do not intend on ever doing another diet again in my life. Ever! Moan over. ;] I found out today that the place that pays my rent of sorts hasn't been paying it. Damn whores. So I have to go to a boring meeting next Tuesday whilst they sort it out. I could have done better things with my day I had to book of college, but life sucks sometimes. Oh yeah. I'm at college all Easter. Every other place has 2 weeks off. I decided to use some of my holidays to book next Monday to Thursday off. It is a major pain in the bum, but next week my living room and bathroom is being redecorated so no choice. Oh great! I have a missed call from an unknown number. I hate it when people do that. How are you meant to know who it is to call them back? People do annoy me. But that was pretty much my day. And lots of travelling which has left me shattered and actually contemplating going to bed. I can't do that though because I have quite a bit of homework to get done tonight. Take care xx

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Slow sunday

So it is mothers day today. At least here in the UK. I know it isn't for over a month in the US. Just thought I would point that out. Today is probably going to be another boring day for me. It is lovely outside though, so I might take a wee walk outside and go and buy more water since I ran out of the bottled stuff yesterday. Whoops! I like, went to Tesco and came back to realise I didn't write much haha. I bought a million easter eggs for people. If I am going to get money in return, I guess the least I could do is buy them chocolate. So I have them all in the pantry thing. At least I am not tempted in the slightest to ever eat chocolate. It is so yuck in my opinion. I don't know what to have for dinner. I have 328 calories left for today and have no idea. I don't even think I am hungry. Meh. I am bored though. Today seems to be going really slowly. I just wish it would hurry up and be night already so I could go to bed or... Something. Anyway I don't have much to say, so enjoy your sunday. :) Take care xxx

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Why do I never know what to name these?

So it is the lovely weekend. I have no idea what I am going to do. I think I might just do nothing and be completely lazy. :) It'd be a nice change from this week since it has been really busy. On the plus side though, college went really well. I have Alex going on about losing weight and all that again. Now, I really do not understand how men notice these things. I know I wouldn't if I was a guy. At least it isn't directly though. We are doing healthy eating and eating disorders etc at the moment, so it's the "You need to eat such and such.. Too much of this isn't healthy... Too little of that isn't healthy..." You get the idea. It's really irritating to be doing since I know quite a lot on it and can point out when someone is wrong. I swear, it won't be me refusing food and not eating a lot that lets people onto my eating disorder, it'll be me making smart ass comments about stuff like this. Knowledge is not a great thing kids. ;]

Why does it always take me so long to write a post? For some reason I move onto reading other peoples blogs and then facebook and check PT... I've also just noticed it is raining and I have run out of water D: Plus I have also got 3 balls and the t/ball on the Thunderball thing. See? I love distracting myself with everything other than what I am meant to be doing.

The abc is going fine. It's day 12 now. Only 38 to go. It's quite boring now lol. Gosh, I get bored to easy! But it isn't bad and it does help when you see the scales go down. :] I'm down nearly 1 stone since I started, so I am pretty glad to be quite far away from my hw.

And now I am distracted by friend drama via text. Great way to start Saturday morning. *rolls eyes* Why do people always think I can solve their issues? I should stop writing and go and make a cup of coffee before starting to help.

Have a good weekend guys.

Take Care