Wednesday, 30 March 2011


So I am suddenly not following any blogs? Where have they all gone? I swear I used to follow at least 150 blogs. :/ Hopefully they all come back.
I'm in a really weird mood tonight. Wait it is 3am, so this morning.
I want to pack up and start again somewhere else.
Somewhere nobody knows me.
Somewhere different.
I'm currently listening to Mika - Intoxicated on repeat. It might not be helping my mood that I can relate to it, but it's a pretty song.
The blogs came back, but I give up with commenting on them.
I'll do some more tomorrow.
I have no idea what point I wanted to put across with this post.
Oh, and I will do that blogger award thing in the morning when I make more sense.
Take care. x


  1. Hope you feel better when you wake up. :) x

  2. heeh im going to go to youtube and listen to that song :P

  3. I would love to just pack up and move somewhere.... can we do it??

  4. aah, it's just the worst thing when internet stuff plays up on you!
    woah.. 150 is so many! I think I follow like 20 hehe.
    When you're done with college you will be going somewhere else wont you?

    what is the blogger award?

    Hope you feel cheerier now!

  5. *goes to youtube, listens to Mika - Intoxicated*

    i like mika, but haven't heard this song before :]

    sorry to hear you feel you wanna pack up and go somewhere new :[ i doubt your friends feel that way though :]

    take care, xx

  6. I know the feeling--I'd love to just vanish and go somewhere far away. Change my name and everything. But I feel like if I did that, I would just keep running from one place to another until I completely lost myself.


  7. Blogger does that to me too sometimes. Freaked me out the first time.