Sunday, 20 March 2011

Last Night Was... Fun?

A few of my friends came over, the usual gang really, and we wasn't aiming to get drunk... It sort of just happened haha. RIP to my vodka though. How does one wee person drink a litre of it without noticing? Plus I found adding Fanta to Bacardi makes it actually taste nice. I am not a huge fan of adding coke to spirits. We was looking for the moon too. Not through drink I swear, the news said it was going to be bigger last night. We didn't find it and had to give in. =[ It was nice to have fun with my friends though. I actually enjoyed myself. Like, you should be so shocked right now! ;] We are doing it again tonight and it sounds like, stupid, and it sort of is, but... It's Monday tomorrow. I spend most of my time on a laptop at college on a Monday. Hopefully. (I relapsed twice in just over a week with cutting. First time in a year. "/ But it is okay since I don't intend on doing it again. Or at least not on my arms because it is highly retarded to do when you can't wear jackets in class.) I didn't binge yesterday. That was amazing. Even though I had my friends here and was drinking, I didn't go over the 1000 calorie mark at all. Compared to recent days, that is on scale with victory in WW2. So I am celebrating with a soy latte in Starbucks and making the most of their Wi-fucking-Fi. Oh my God! How annoying is it when someone with no damn manners sits near you? Put your stupid hand over your mouth when coughing instead of stuffing your face. And cough in my direction again and I am going to ram that muffin down your throat! I do not care for your puffing and panting, your lack of manners and your constant need to stuff your face and deafen me with the noises. I was going to write about this job, my aunty, college... A lot of other things, but I feel if I don't leave Starbucks I might just stab the crank near me in the eye with a spoon. Take Care xoxox


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