Monday, 28 March 2011

Good news

  1. I feel sober this morning. :] Always good to start Monday sober haha. This time yesterday I was drinking... I can't even recall everything back to you lol.
  2. I haven't slept. I don't even feel tired which sometimes I do. I suspect today could be a long one though. Thank goodness I am out of college at noon. I don't think I could do a full day and stay until after 4pm.
  3. So onto ED sort of things. I started the ABC 7 days ago. I'm finding it pretty easy. I can't shake this 'fake' feeling I have though. I've never done a diet before and it feels so weird. It's not really any different to regular restricting, but something feels really weird. I suspect I will eventually get over it.
  4. If this can get me back down to any weight other than what I last weighed in at, then I will be okay. I still cannot believe I weighed myself and was 3.8lbs over my heighest ever weight. That really, really shocked me. I have never seen 152.8lbs on my scale before. Funnily enough the batteries in my scale died the day I weighed myself lol. How mean!
  1. I should be getting a shower right now and getting ready for college. It's nearly 6am. "/
  2. PS Ignore the numbers. It won't edit properly. :
  3. Take care xxxxx

1 comment:

  1. ooh haha, maybe you had a drunken snooze?
    aw i remember abc as horrible, i think i was 12 when i did it though.. but hope you don't start to feel ill or anything.
    Aw damn, sorry about the weight, I bet you actually still look pretty but, i get how you must feel :/
    Hope college is going well Mrs Brainbox!