Tuesday, 1 February 2011


James Anderson is one of the hottest guys I have ever seen. I never really like actors or anything, but this guy makes my knees go weak haha. Ahh. :) Maybe it is because he plays a doctor and I kind of have a thing for them?
Anyway my day. It's been okay. I agreed to go ice skating again tomorrow with my friends. I think I might get my hand looked though before I go because it really hurts. I am still off ice skating though haha. The rink is only here for a few months so I might has well make the most of it.
CSI just offically sort of creeped me out. I now have a really big interest in CSI vegas. I've not been keen on it since the William Peterson? dude left, but now I want to know who the latex freak is. He was so not normal.
Oh the IV drip thing wasn't anything to do with my fasting. I got sick on my birthday and couldn't keep fluids or anything down without puking for 3 days, so I was really dehydrated. Then when I had it I still couldn't drink properly until Friday. It was pretty sucky. Nice doctors though. Didn't appreciate all the poking and prodding thouugh. Or pinching lol. I got pinched by a doctor. Now ain't he a lovely chap? ;) But I think I am going to quit the fast at some point this week. I sort of just want to get past day 18.
And I am nearly caught up with everyones blogs. It's taking time! I didn't realise how many people I follow. No wonder it takes me so long when it comes to commenting (which I shall do at some point this week because I fail at that) on everyones blog.
Since it is the first of a new month I sort of want a goal or two.
  1. Start going back to the gym at long last.
  2. Get under 126lbs.
  3. Stay away from junk food and sugary drinks. I want an healthy month like most of January was.

There. They are my goals :)

Have a good morning/day/night. Whatever it is where you are.

Take care.


  1. I've seen James Anderson before but I don't know where. Hmm.
    Have fun ice skating..again.
    Ooooh I loooove CSI! It's actually my future job. :D But yeah, I saw that one and I actually had an anxiety attack after. lol
    Sorry about the IV mix up. Glad it wasn't due to fasting. Still sorry it happened. Be careful continuing your fast.
    Good luck on your goals!

  2. Hope u are feeling better beautiful...

  3. hey darl, i've nominated you for the honest scrap award

  4. He is VERY hot. <3 And good luck with this month! Be careful&Stay safe. x

    ooh, i like his jawline (;
    If only he was a real doctor, you could be working for him someday, haha.
    I hope you have a fantabulous month.
    Be careful, pleaaase.
    Hope you are ok, You can talk to me on here whenever, honestly.
    Yay, you have a blog!