Thursday, 24 February 2011


I have not posted in ages. I used to blog everyday religiously and now I just have no motivation to do so. It is so bad. I do not even know what to post because I am so full and just cannot think. I'm not going to purge though. Day 7 or rather 8 without... It is annoying that everytime I attempt to stop purging I either eat nothing, or I eat the same amount I would if I was b/p'ing. "/ Going to have to work on that one I guess. I think I am going to go to bed or something. I have to be up early, plus I want to go for a run in the morning. I only seem to run these days when I am super annoyed or angry or fed up. I hope you are all okay. Sorry this post doesn't make much sense. Take care xoxox

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


James Anderson is one of the hottest guys I have ever seen. I never really like actors or anything, but this guy makes my knees go weak haha. Ahh. :) Maybe it is because he plays a doctor and I kind of have a thing for them?
Anyway my day. It's been okay. I agreed to go ice skating again tomorrow with my friends. I think I might get my hand looked though before I go because it really hurts. I am still off ice skating though haha. The rink is only here for a few months so I might has well make the most of it.
CSI just offically sort of creeped me out. I now have a really big interest in CSI vegas. I've not been keen on it since the William Peterson? dude left, but now I want to know who the latex freak is. He was so not normal.
Oh the IV drip thing wasn't anything to do with my fasting. I got sick on my birthday and couldn't keep fluids or anything down without puking for 3 days, so I was really dehydrated. Then when I had it I still couldn't drink properly until Friday. It was pretty sucky. Nice doctors though. Didn't appreciate all the poking and prodding thouugh. Or pinching lol. I got pinched by a doctor. Now ain't he a lovely chap? ;) But I think I am going to quit the fast at some point this week. I sort of just want to get past day 18.
And I am nearly caught up with everyones blogs. It's taking time! I didn't realise how many people I follow. No wonder it takes me so long when it comes to commenting (which I shall do at some point this week because I fail at that) on everyones blog.
Since it is the first of a new month I sort of want a goal or two.
  1. Start going back to the gym at long last.
  2. Get under 126lbs.
  3. Stay away from junk food and sugary drinks. I want an healthy month like most of January was.

There. They are my goals :)

Have a good morning/day/night. Whatever it is where you are.

Take care.