Sunday, 16 January 2011

Thee weekend

It has been pretty good to me. Calorie wise and everything else. I think it is a first to be honest. But I think it has something to do with not feeling good. Have you ever noticed that throwing up because of being poorly feels so different compared to purging? I find it so weird throwing up because my body needs to. Maybe it is because I am rarely ill? I have college or whatever it is tomorrow. Sigh. I don't want to go, so I expect one of you guys to come and save me! I don't want to do it. It better be interesting or at least have a good looking tutor like my last course did. I actually still talk to that guy regularly, but that is a different story and not in that way people. Sigh. I sigh a lot don't I? Oh well haha. I started writing this two hours ago and still haven't finished it. Nor started getting stuff together for tomorrow afternoon. Fml. I have to wash my hair tonight because it goes weird if I wash and straighten it and then wear it down. Maybe I obsess too much over my hair. I have a slight feeling I do. So to put off the shower even longer and all that stuff I will talk about my holiday next year. Or what I hope will be an holiday. As a lot of people probably figured out by now, I don't do family much. Not my thing. But we are trying to see if a small amount of us can all go on holiday next year. A big thing is because my uncle and grandad and aunt can drive. I can't and would probably freak out to drive in any country that drives on the wrong side of the road! Anyway I did suggest I wanted to go to Eygpt but they suggested Florida. I don't fancy spending 2 weeks in a country that it won't be legal for me to drink in. Plus it's so... kiddy. I don't mind theme or waterparks but I don't want to be in Disney freaking Land. And the youngest would only be like nearly 16... I want to go to Crete. It was gorgeous when I went before. I'm rambling and it's been 3 hours since I started this and in 12 hours I will be doomed so i best go and get a shower and that. Sigh. Have a good start to the week. For some reason I though today (tomorrow) was Wednesday. I've lost it. Night xoxox


  1. I love your rambling. You know that. :)

  2. I sigh a lot too! hehe made me smile!
    I start college again soon (on Wednesday). It's like GAH! I wish someone would come and save me too.
    I hope you have a good get together if it is able to workout. =)
    Have a good MONDAY! lol ;)

  3. Feck Florida, go to Egypt!!

    Imma try and have you airlifted from college with a sketchy black helicopter. Make sure you're dressed like a ninja.


  4. Haha, your rambling is awesome. :)
    I start uni soon, but I'm kind of excited. It gets me out of home.
    Good luck with EVERYTHING!

  5. good luck at college hun(:
    you'll do great!<3