Monday, 3 January 2011

New year and all that...

I think this has got to be the slowest start to a year ever. I mean it's the third day. I woke up thinking it was at least Tuesday. It's always weird when Christmas and New Year fall on a weekend. Anyway. I feel like a zombie. I need somebody to hit me in the face or something so I can sleep haha. Any takers? I need to try and sleep more. It's not fun getting tired at like 4pm or something and then being all moody and things until later at night when you feel awake. A little side note. Does anyone else get annoyed at getting notifications on Facebook every time someone sends a stupid game request? It annoys me to go on Facebook after a few days to have 900 million requests from saddos that play Farmville. Pfft. Other things that annoy me right now are people on Facebook that have EDs but expect everyone else with an ED to be recovering with them. Like hello? Like I have seen 4 arguments already with people having a go with another girl just because she flips between recovering and relapsing. She isn't in 'proper' recovery I guess because 700 calories a day isn't healthy but there still isn't a need to flip out on her ass. Facebook tends to annoys me in case you haven't realised lol. 63.59kg is what I started the year at. That is so depressing but I'll get on with it like always. Holidays are terrible especially when you spend nearly every night out or drinking or some other thing. After tonight I need time to detox until at least the 21st. Then from the 25th I am staying tee total haha ;) We all say that though don't we? I am going to try at the very least. I could do with a good fast. I really miss fasting but whenever I plan to fast or do something I do the opposite or just can't stick to it. I don't know why but I think my mind is just too rebellious. It as to go against everything planned. Hope you lot have had a good start to the year :) Much Love Take care xoXox


  1. A new year fast sounds amazing.

    I would definitely give you a tour of New York--it would include the good museums, and minimal time spent on the streets. :D

    Facebook is obnoxious like that. I hate that when you comment on someone's photo, you get notifications every time someone else comments on it. So annoying!!


  2. This has been a slow start. I wish Tuesday was done and over with. I know the zombie feeling. I for real feel dead or something like that. I just feel like crap. That is after two and a half hours of extra sleep. Woo, go me. I wish you luck on your detox or fast or both, which ever you decide to do. Be safe. xx

  3. Haha, I blocked all the game stuff on facebook. I find it very annoying as well!
    Good luck with this all, lovely.

  4. FB gets worse every day!

    Good Luck!
    Take Care.

  5. fuck facebook. I get pissed at my friends when they have like, little lovey dovey comments with their sign. other on a picture that I commented on.

    Like whut. I checked my phone because you said "lol". either I need to turn off my alerts or not comment anymore.

    good luck sleeping--Im sucking at that lately too.

  6. i know what you mean about wanting to do something, but your will is just something completely different. it's always hard for me to start a fast, the first couple of days for me are just like "omgggggg i want to eat everything!" but i just push through it and tell myself to suck it the fuck up. then the days following get better
    p.s. agreed, big boobs are gay ;)

  7. Aah I get what you mean about the new year going slowly. I guess. In a way for me it's going slowly, but kind of fast too...haha I'm not making any sense. ;]
    And yep, game requests annoy me. And I don't even use facebook much. I have about...50 friends? :P
    Hope you're okay xxx