Friday, 14 January 2011

Hair :/ [Beware lol]

From the beginning
Red Hair
Pre-lightening attempt number 1! (Urm... Yuck much? Looks like I've let hair dye just fade out of blonde hair haha.)
Pre-lightening attempt number 2! (GaGa inspired ♥ Took effort getting them knots out though :)
Boredom!! (and hiding the horrible hair colours lol)
Hair dye attempt number 1 (two bottles and still got a shade of red in it :@ Ps, the hair is only that bushy cos I was puffing it up with my brush lol)

Final hair dye attempt

And me just being cute cos I am good at that haha :D

Righto. I am going to go to bed now since it is past 7am! And yes. I am aware of the lack of make up in each photgraph. A girl sometimes just can't be bothered ;]


  1. thats really hot.
    you suit both colours.

  2. I really enjoyed all the hair colors. I really like the final product! =D

  3. Your poor hair, it must be so tired after all this! The final does look good though, and the towel pics made me smile xxx

  4. Your hair is ah-mazing! I love it. <3

  5. I love your hair :) Haha I like the GaGa inspired pictures ;] You're very pretty. I hope you're okay xx

  6. Lol I loved that first pic of you with the towel.

    Lovely hair!! just make sure to do a deep conditioning after all that dying.