Friday, 21 January 2011

Friday 21st

Today has been good. Just going into day 7 of my fast. Is it 7 or 6? It's 7. I'm losing my memory lol. Actuallly I am just tired. I feel like I have done so much this week, but really all I have done is get a schedule back in my life. Now I remember why I used to be tired after high school lol. You do barely anything and it tires you out. I only had college for an hour today which was great. I don't have to go in until 2pm on Monday either which is a bit of a bonus. There was no way I was sitting all day in a classroom with just 2 hours sleep and most likely a belly still full of alcohol. On the downside I have to go to the doctors for 9am. Such a bummer! I have to have blood tests which require a minimum of 12 hours fasting, but I wasn't intending on eating anyway. I wonder if my doctor will actually talk to me and tell me what the results are this time. He has never done that and I have been having these every two months from last February. *Rolls eyes* *belly grumbles* ^ Don't you just hate it when your stomach does that? Especially in a quiet room with other people. It is so embarrassing. Especially when it's not even because you are hungry. Like gahh!! I hate the fact people assume you are hungry or haven't eaten. But anyway. I might be getting my hair cut on Monday. I don't really want to, but I haven't had it cut in over a year and I am assuming I need a wee bit off. Not lots though. The last time I went she cut around 4 inches off. I was devastated! So I think I might do a little bit of googling, try and choose a hairstyle and then go to bed because it is going to be a long weekend. Night Take care. xoxox


  1. Wow. That's a long fast.
    I just started back up at college too and I know that it's been making me drained.
    good luck at the doctors. Maybe you should ask him if you can know the results.I hate when your stomach makes noises like that. It's really embarrassing. 0.o
    I hope you find a good hairstyle. You should take a pic of what you have done. =)

  2. haha yeaah i hate the stomach rummmmble when in a room with people and its silent D:

  3. Day 7? Careful lovely... you're getting into dangerland.
    And yes! It's so annoying when you're stomach randomly grumbles! I hate it when it does that when you're in the middle of class or something and everyone just looks at you and is like, "eat something, why don't you?"
    Anyway, stay beautiful. :)