Monday, 31 January 2011

End of Jan

I've not really blogged this month. For the most of it I have ever been at college, at a party or ill lol. Yay to January. On the plus side though I did turn 18 :) And go from 148.8lbs to 132.6lbs. And fast for 16 days. It hasn't been a bad month. Even if I did end up having an IV drip lol. And strange hair colours for a wee while haha. I skipped college today to go ice skating with my friends. I shouldn't have done it. Karma grabbed my arse whilst there. This kid decided to fall over in front of me and Krissii went BAM! I had forgotton how much that ice hurts. And it burns. I hate kids. I am going to just skate over one next time. :D I have college again tomorrow and it's the 1st of February. Can't believe a month of the new year as gone already! Ugh I'm gonna stop writing and go get a shower. I'm cold and hungry and my hand hurts. I nickname today Moaning Monday. Take care xoxox


  1. Haha Moaning Monday! Congrats on the weight loss, and a 16 day fast? That's amazing how did you manage that?
    An IV drip? What happened, i hope you were okay!

  2. WOW! Happy belated 18th Birthday!!! =D
    That's a lot of weight to lose. Gratz. =)
    And that's a really long fast. Sorry it ended with an IV.
    Ice skating sounds fun, well not falling over some idiot kid, but overall fun. :P
    I too am surprised how fast this month went by. It's pretty crazy.
    I like the nickname. Moaning Monday. Sounds good. :)

  3. wow 16 days? that awesome but dangerous... you already know that though. btw happy birthday (even though im late) hope you had fun!